Throwback Friday – Goings on – Eugenia

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

Ah, to shed a tear for fear

the silver bells, cockle shells,

and pretty maids disappeared.

souls from whence they came

play hide and seek, their spirit

once a being amid black roses

forever lost and never found.

crows on the wire, what they saw

the epic of silence

orig. published 9/11/2022

A gander at me – enjoying a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years, being rewarded both professionally and personally, I am now fulfilling my dreams. My writing and creative endeavors can be found on my blog, Moonwashed Musing. I have authored eBooks Fanciful Delights, Mama, me, and Mother Nature, Life’s Spilled Coffee, and also have writings at Spillwords, PoetrySoup, beBee, and several Anthologies.

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