Why Was She So Mad at Me?

Welcome Dee Kelly to the Go Dog Go Café and Pay It Forward Thursday. I have been reading her blog long enough to see it transform from a journey of self-affirmation and growth following a divorce to a serial psychological thriller about a woman escaping a manipulative man who seemed to be “perfect” but turned out to be anything but perfect… Jump in anywhere… it is not being told in linear fashion, but the writing is more than solid and the suspense enough to keep you coming back for more. Welcome Dee!

— Stephen

Thriving Not Surviving

My heart soared as I reached the on-ramp with no further issues. Merging with traffic I was grateful for the perceived anonymity that came from being among the other vehicles on the road. Anxious to leave town I navigated to the passing lane and fell behind an older Toyota Tacoma going 10 over the limit.

I had never felt more alone than I did at that moment. No one even knew I was going away. I hadn’t spoken with any of my friends since the disastrous trip to the house by the river. Although I missed all of them, I longed to reach out to Lilly most, to hear her calm voice tell me everything was going to be okay.

Now that I was learning what Clay might be capable of my eyes were opening to who he really was instead of the man I had imagined. Maybe Lilly would…

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The most beautiful shades of blue

Eric’s Pay It Forward pick for this week.

choices in error

He was vibrant and tender at the same time. There was some childlike charm about him but a maturity that surpassed most men I knew. While I am quietly drawn to the ones with a little weathering, he was weathered in places that weren’t obvious. Since the first moment he gave that wink I knew I was living in the pause before his kiss.

But we couldn’t live in conjecture and we were killing each other riotously with all of our not touching. His eyes were dangerous, they wrapped my heart in thin metal as they clung to my body like a drenched sun dress. The halo on his head wasn’t broken, it had settled in for a long sleep, leaving him fair haired and fair skinned. His charm and wit touted laughter and applause but his gentle lived just under the surface. I listened deeper to see the colors of…

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Crossing the Street

Fresh Hell nominated this piece for Pay It Forward Thursday

Making it write


“I’m sorry, I don’t carry change.”

That’s what I always say, though sometimes
it’s a lie.

From Goa to Mumbai
it is considered unwise to give to children who beg on the streets;
better to donate to charities that protect them from their tormentors.
I live by that principle on my forays through this English town
where the victims are adult, their tormentors
are chemicals to be melted on a spoon and injected,
and their habit can kill.

These days I rarely engage with them;
they don’t require sandwiches, pasties or practical advice
and I can’t give them a bed for the night, so I can do nothing to assist,
yet those eyes kidnapped me as she begged beside Tesco Metro.

“I’m sorry – I don’t carry change,” I said.

It was the eyes that detained me;
eyes that sang in the storm of cause and effect,
in the chaos what…

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Poetry ~ Lost? Find Me …

Linda’s choice for Pay It Forward Thursday

An Artist's Path

Years after her
they reminisced …

it never took much
to change her
but heaven and earth
change her ways

her emotions
blew with the wind

a cold front
brought icy stares
folded arms

a heat wave
provoked intense glares
and a rebellious smirk

her thoughts,
on the other hand,
switched frequencies
as easily as a radio dial

if she was dialed 
into you
the electricity
was palatable

when her thoughts
she was lost
to another world,
another dimension

the day she
they found a note

her last words,

“I may be in this world,
but I am not of this world
and neither are you.
Find me and be free.”

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If You Go Far Enough

gizzylaw nominated this piece by Lee Robinson for Pay It Forward Thursday


If you go far enough into the mountains
They will close around you
bewitch you like a ring—
the one you wear or wore or will wear
to remind you of faith love loyalty—
the vague promises of youth.
They will take you in whole,
larger than life, a legend of your dreams
the spring of self and joy in your feet
belief of forever warm in your belly
a smell like daffodils leading you further
toward the highest—the ram-gamboled—
rocky, wisp wreathed planes.

If you go far enough, as few do—
If you step past the last wire’s barb,
past the jeep track that runnels away,
while others peek through shuttered gaps
at the bruised sky swinging an arm against them,
grinding their knees gritty in belief
that knees will shape a twisted wind’s pity—

If you go far enough into the wild
you will pass milk river

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How to be a woman? — Megha Sood

This Pay It Forward Thursday, Neha Sharma chose this piece by Megha Sood on Whisper and the Roar

Whisper and the Roar


There are rules to be followed

guidelines to be remembered

to be followed to the tee

before I can call my self a woman

a lady like appearance

and that ever-present grin on my face

smiling from ear to ear

just to please you and ease you into the life

as you please

I should bow down in obedience

should never raise my voice

walk with the stoop of  discipline

and  eat with your hand

with the freedom

you have handed me on the plate

Like I was the chosen one, you see

Oh! that skirt is a little shorter than we expected

see it clearly fails to keep those lurking demon inside their skin

Now, you have shown them

too much flesh

now they will come out

and rip you into shreds

will devour your soul from within

“I told you” they will say

keep your voice down

the patriarchy can’t handle you pitch

they are tone-deaf…

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Oh, But in the Soft Twilight

L. Stevens’s choice for this week’s Pay It Forward Thursday.

Objects, and the Distance Between Them

On the horizon
Where earth and ocean meet the sky
Where two worlds collide
This is where my heart resides
Always at the divide
If you pay attention
You can see it in my eyes.

The sun and the moon
Indifferent in their ways
Are unaware this place
Ignorant their position
As they drift aimlessly through space
Never knowing their power
Not understanding
The part that they play
In deciding our fate
In dictating the difference
Between the nights and the day.

Oh, but in the soft twilight
There is no day, there is no night
And in this balance
But for a moment
All is right.

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When Speaking to a Unicorn- Kindra M. Austin and Stephen Fuller

Christine’s choice for this week’s Pay It Forward Thursday is this fabulous collaboration between our own Steve Fuller and Kindra M. Austin

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Once upon a time,
I asked a unicorn to dance
Seemed lonely in the field
Eating rainbow spelt 
And candied corn

A whisper snuck into my ear, 
A wistful breeze
Had been searching 
Ever since the sun
Began to shine, 

A rogue child

Have courage child, 
Walk up to her
Don’t ask about the horn, 
Not yet, she knows you know, 
She wants to be seen a part 

The sweet beast, bastardized by
Fictions fashioned by man,
Is sensitive to ill-hearted hearts;
No discernment is greater than that of

Approach with trueness, and no
Regard for self;
Be a leaf carried on the breeze,
Or a ray of sunlight breaking through the
Oak trees

Speak to her with kaleidoscopic words

Run up the hill
Osculate me
Yearning to
Glow like a 
Inviting my

She sees you
Like light in night
She hears you
A song for the…

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ivor20 chose this lovely piece of poetry from Robert Okaji for Pay It Forward Thursday

O at the Edges



Adept at withdrawal, it retreats.
How appropriate, we think,
that its body curls
with the wind’s
tug, offering
only the
resistance. Then
it returns,
bringing to mind
the habitual offender
whose discomfiture
lies in choice,
the fear
of enclosure
removed. The
forward glance.
And back again,
whispering its
edict: concede, reclaim.
Give and take. We are as one.


“Curtain” last appeared on the blog in July 2017.

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