it was Friday. she made a list for him. lists are not her thing

I have missed this amazing woman’s writing.

say no to clowns

wednesday – part one

he called her thursday – part two

one sweet potato and
one eggplant, listed after the fact
of purchase
one notepad
one pencil
one cup of Russian Caravan tea
one wind chime, dulcet tenor
one sugar craving
one lizard
is that a sack of potatoes?
stop thinking about chocolate
one ‘learning French’ app not accessible
one ladder, with a hammer, on top
one vignette of a tree behind a tree behind a tree
one speech balloon wafting from a person passing
intercepted by thought balloon puffed up by farce-ing
distant echoes of congratulatory applause, not imaginary
one pale butterfly, resolutely flying, accidentally beautifying

one letter discovered on the next page, never sent, of something half forgotten
one match lit


Quite a while ago, this amazing writer: Fitfulfearfulphantasmal
did an awesome post, which was a story in list form.  She challenged me to try…

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when you search for me among the stars that fall don’t be disappointed that i was never there at all i was always the dust you shook off i was the air that you ignored i was the forgotten ray of sunshine before you left for the last time   in the sadness that contains … Continue reading maybe