Updated: Sunday Chat with Stephen, 3/22/20, or we are open for business… join us

Admittedly, I feel at a loss this week. So much has changed here in the United States in such a short time that whiplash does not do it justice. I cannot begin to imagine the collective grief of Italians and Iranians who are experiencing the worst of the Coronavirus outbreak. Sure last week we were chuckling about Em’s TP Haiku – this week we are seeing numbers go up exponentially of cases and deaths here in America, our largest States are in lockdown, and we are taking emergency measures to flatten the curve. So…

Stay home.


Stay home.

Three things I am doing:

1. Our local United Way has set up a COVID-19 section on their volunteer page and it includes opportunities for everything from delivering meals to specific needs for shelters. What appeals to me are opportunities to help veterans. None of them require a significant time investment, all of them seem consistent with the CDC recommendations for distancing, and each of them represents a little something we can do.

2. The Go Dog Go Cafe will continue to offer a forum and words of encouragement to support anyone needing it for their creative processing during these crazy times. We encourage you to participate in all of our features. This community of people, around the world, can and will stand together.

3. I will be like everyone, applying for remote jobs and on-line content work. Anyone hiring!

What about you? Tell us in the comments below.

Now go wash your hands…


20 thoughts on “Updated: Sunday Chat with Stephen, 3/22/20, or we are open for business… join us

  1. Yes I’m home Stephen, as you might know I’ve written a number of poems already…. I think to keep writing our thoughts is very important ….. it’s good for own personal health and well being….. and sharing and commenting throughout the writing community is good for everybody…… … yes stay home and stay careful….

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  2. It is a bewildering time for kids but at the same time I hope they will learn some lessons which will help them in future. In the meantime, we as bloggers should continue to pen our fears and hopes, our anger as well as our acceptance. New norms of dealing with life will be in place but what I hate most about what is happening is that, if I survive this, I will always be thinking twice before hugging anyone! Oh, well…
    Time to wash hands…

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  3. Hello all. Out in my little part of Northern RI we are going day to day. Plenty of time with kids and dogs. I am focusing on appreciating the slower moments vs. the hecticpace of “normal ” life. This weekend I watched almost no news updates – and it helped my mind adjust. I’m not hiding under any rocks – if I need an update ( from professionals) I know where to find them on line.
    Things I took on; numerous neighborhood walks with my kids and dogs, chores and games in the house and yard, music was a constant, puzzles and crafts, we ate together, we talked, we laughed, a few movies and plenty of writing.
    These are unprecedented times and there is uncertainty and fear. But I am happy to say, the balancing act worked this weekend and I enjoyed many moments.
    Stay safe and positive all. Lean on each other. Help each other.

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  4. I’m determined to keep an upbeat attitude with my family and my online friends. Spring cleaning and writing keep me busy. I also take time to exercise and enjoy nature from my window. We’re lucky to have a balcony where we can be outside and tend to plants and get some fresh air.

    The grocery stores in our area are trying their best to stay stocked and so far, we haven’t had any craziness. Also, grocery stores and drug stores deliver, which may be our next step. Stay safe and well everyone.

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  5. My disciple and focus is shot…I’m working hard to bring some normalcy to this crazy situation. I’m down in Houston where we’ve officially gone on lockdown…but we’ve already been working from home for the past week. I wake up not knowing what day it is and then the days bleed together…

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  6. India is sullenly quiet right now, but predictions get more terse. We are unde almost total lock down.
    Yes, washing hands, staying clean, packing in goodwill all around. It is devastating to watch an earth full of such pain and chaos. It hurts beyond belief. Our nephew a doc in Germany sent in the most urgent voice msg for everyone to please stay in doors.
    As tense predictions rise , i wonders if there’ll be another post from here….🙂 but what a community this is, to even connect internationally. Stay blest dear people, you are precious.

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