Nourishment – Ivor Steven

Above, the Featured Image, is a photo of our impressive Geelong Library, I was there this morning receiving my monthly nourishment of shared poetry readings, a gathering of fellow Geelong Writers poet members, and a meeting that truly enhances my love of poetry…. I’ve been slowly recovering And calmly re-discovering Joyful nourishment for my soul … Continue reading Nourishment – Ivor Steven

Desire and Greed – Taylor Grace, Guest Barista

To feel your breath on my skin Tantalizing lips hesitating Hands full of tortured pleas Chest pressed against me Warmth of embrace Body exposed Lingering ecstasy Cravings in motion This moment Fire between you and me Intensity of the heat Burning desire Sublime fantasy xoxo ♥️me 9/16/2019 You can read more of Taylor's writing … Continue reading Desire and Greed – Taylor Grace, Guest Barista

Solace and Sanity – Taylor Grace, Guest Barista

Your hand released Everything changed Family extracted Like I never existed Lost Little girl Tear filled eyes Stains down on her cheeks Scars across her tiny body Prisoner Love, a foreign dream Comfort, no such thing Tragedy, encompassed grief Suffering Those dark brown eyes Concealing what they have seen Visual antipathy Broken Little smile Pasted … Continue reading Solace and Sanity – Taylor Grace, Guest Barista

Complex PTSD – Taylor Grace, Guest Barista

Do you really know what it is? It’s so much more than a label It’s more than a mental illness It’s closer to a death sentence It’s sheer terror It’s sleepless nights It’s guarding It’s being on constant alert It’s exhausting It’s self blame It’s not trusting It’s fear It’s panic It’s a noise It’s … Continue reading Complex PTSD – Taylor Grace, Guest Barista

Completely – Taylor Grace, Guest Barista

Words spoken Sounds like a symphony Stirring every part of me Temperature increased Eyes wide open Smiling Joy rolling down my cheeks Captivating words Three little things Multitude of emotions Intoxicating Capacity of love Taste sweet Flowing off your tongue Enticing Accepting me Grabbing my heart Free falling into forever Caressing reality Holding a dream … Continue reading Completely – Taylor Grace, Guest Barista