Poem: Free Verse – “Worth Forgetting” #GoDogGoCafe #poetry #amwriting

Credit: Cynthia Magna via Unsplash What worth have I? No silver for your wallet, No bills to fit your list of skills. Not even labour’s sweat; What worth have I? To work successfully, To do both what I love, And what inspires my deepest passions. Paint textured, thick with colors brilliant, Blended in impressionist grace; … Continue reading Poem: Free Verse – “Worth Forgetting” #GoDogGoCafe #poetry #amwriting


By Charles Robert Lindholm  her body             for my heart access             for my freedom her heart             for my soul her fear             for my hunger security             for need  unspoken exchanges trading for love bargaining for life the invisible fine print in the contract of marriage  the dreams and the promises veiling the … Continue reading UNSPOKEN EXCHANGES