Spring’s arrival – Eugenia

spring, it’s lollygagging words unwritten thoughts aimless passions quieted. time to rise and spill caffeinated words enter the dawn, words stirred with purpose giggling flowers and laughing trees sunlit fields mingle with the breeze nature glows with spring not even a worm's yawn will hinder a masterpiece. © Eugenia Hoffman Photo by Jonathan Petersson from Pexels

Throwback Friday – Spring Shower – Eric (EDC Writing)

'Spring Shower'  first fell into place two years ago this week - this its first time at the Cafe. .....  Red kites ever circling crapping on the washing big birds no argument quick cycle re-hang damn it now it’s raining Doves on the fence at it don’t they ever stop clouds rung dry again washing … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Spring Shower – Eric (EDC Writing)