Vixen Within

Hint of naughty behind cerulean eyes sunshine smile masking lips expert at devouring all soft laughter covering salacious thoughts nothing she dared speak aloud shy shake of gold tinged curls hiding need for strong hands grabbing and pulling sweet innocence of heart true charade for the vixen lurking deep within * ©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda April 2019 Ph-Pinterest … Continue reading Vixen Within

My Skin Calls

Sweeping lips across skin calling your name taste my potent delight lick the maddened lust absorb my salty seduction free fall into depths of my naked spell * ©️MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda March 2019  

Carnal Fuel

Fuel my fire he did erotic words closely whispered licking flames needing to burn famished hands kindling aches needing to roar grabbing hips forcing tight with his ardent cadence of carnal pulse pushing slow with tease deeper and deeper my embers billowed his body aware quickened rhythm taking hold scorching nakedness out of control heated … Continue reading Carnal Fuel

Rhythm of Lovers

Bodies pressed close hearts pounding sexual beats rhythmic movement lovers' dance slow pulsing turned hip grabbing rocking deeper and deeper innermost passion searching spots eliciting lust's notes musical cries of naked need rising speed overtaking all senses erotic voices screaming wild crashing ecstasy the sated end * ©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda March 2019 Ph-PInterest  

Sip of Her

One sip of her drunken mania blowing his mind immediate addiction running through his veins dizzying thoughts overpowering urges weak with need he drinks all of her ardent thirst for such seduction finally sated frenzied carnal desire quelled * ©️MidwestFantasy January 2019 Ph-Google Images

Her Pleasure

Flick of his tongue wings singing pleasure fluttering euphoria writhing hips master of unknown pleasures keeper of sensual heights lick of what's unknown her edge highs she never knew attainable his edge overcome with hers * ©MidwestFantasy January 2019 Ph-Google Images