Call for Submissions from Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Indie Blu(e) Publishing will be releasing a book of poetry and art entitled This IS What Love Looks Like: Poetry by Women Smitten With Women in late Fall 2019. Themes of this anthology include identity, coming out, friendship, family, love, loss, romantic love and desire (rather than graphic erotica.) The deadline for submissions is June 16, 2019.  … Continue reading Call for Submissions from Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Poem: Free Verse – “Wildfire” #amwritingpoetry #godoggocafe

Credit: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash. I am a wildfire, A star that effervesces and multiplies; Miracle of light. Seeking love despite, for my innate wildness. I am a wildfire, And untamed with light despite, Treacherous treks through crumbling peaks, Shadows of the dimmest valley's bleak. Glowing through the vast unbroken wilderness. I am a wildfire, … Continue reading Poem: Free Verse – “Wildfire” #amwritingpoetry #godoggocafe

High-Megha Sood

I’m breathing you in and exhaling out taking puffs of you and making clouds. I’m drunk on you intoxicated by your love with wine-stained lips I’m calling out your name Can’t get more of you seeping you into my soul churning my love out. I’m high on you Am feeling dizzy dreaming of us together swirling around wrapped in … Continue reading High-Megha Sood