Throwback Friday – Singing to another tune – Eugenia

some folks well-spun walking while chewing gum splashes of passion destination addiction is life fact or fiction why no contradiction we still got inflation they didn’t get the memo livin' high and mighty a no no either way, costs keep rising same old song not surprising listen put your ear to the ground let's prove … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Singing to another tune – Eugenia

Throwback Friday “Life vs. life” – Eugenia

sunbeams bring honeyed dreams clouded by much-gone wrong raindrops, blue, flow in streams glum whispers of woeful songs sorrows grasp and now the norm provoke anguish to a fragile heart fears and worries a ferocious storm flail mortals and creatures like plastic art but raindrops, blue, sweet lullabies lucid shadows and sunny delights children play … Continue reading Throwback Friday “Life vs. life” – Eugenia