Throwback Friday – August – Eugenia

summer days dog-tired August’s blessings grow timely transition welcomed folklore imagined star-gazing in sapphire skies treasures of nature © Franci Eugenia Hoffman A gander at me – I enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it’s time for me to follow my dreams … Continue reading Throwback Friday – August – Eugenia


By Charles Robert Lindholm The mirror shows me the things I don't want to know the truth about life Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm - The Reluctant Poet All Rights Reserved - Please Come Visit My Archives, Here And On My Blog!!


longing for hot summer days can't say I'll change my ways longing for warm summer sun daydreams never one and done longing to etch in flaxen sand thoughts sifting through my hands longing for a cool summer breeze can't say, my soul, not at ease longing for a soft summer rain calming plip plops soothe … Continue reading Longing

Do You

Do you know my voice as it calls to you deep in the blue-black night? I've searched so long but you, ever elusive as shadows dancing on a sunny day, out of reach, out of sight.   Do you know my eyes when you look at them across the universe of space, of time and … Continue reading Do You

Poem: Free Verse – “Your Life Time Reflects” #amwriting #poetry #GDGC

Credit: Cherisse Kenion via Unsplash You wear your life there’s proof, Your face reflects grand truths. Every moment or memory, Each thought wandered, Others don’t know, and will never hear. Your eyes reveal your years, You can’t camaflouge them with makeup, Or dark sunglasses. The life you’ve lived in the sky of your eyes, Has … Continue reading Poem: Free Verse – “Your Life Time Reflects” #amwriting #poetry #GDGC