Thundershowers The raindrops flow in rivers down the window pane and I imagine them intersecting with the memories from another day. Looking through the glass, the outside world is distorted through the long water phalanges like streams…distorted like the conversation. My thoughts hijacked by the perceived slight. The harsh, uncaring attitude. I watch the treetops … Continue reading THROWBACK FRIDAY: Reign of Pride

Never Leave

Never leave the happy in the rain the sighing under covers the twirling just for fun the sweaty summer kisses the lazy sleepy Sundays the teasing looks and touches Never leave the little things that make you smile * ©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda July 2019


By Charles Robert Lindholm the wind waged war with it’s ally the rain the battlefields were littered with the leaves of autumn the countless casualties scattered about lying face down to the earth with stems in the air as the barren trees stood witness  Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm - All Rights Reserved

You, Me, Rain

We fucked in the rain downpour of inhibitions left on the ground cries of release piercing gray air washing ourselves in champagne drops of need sounds of rain sounds of us a thunderous rolling storm * ©MidwestFantasy 05/18/2018 Ph-