Throwback Friday – Not Forgot – Eric (EDC Writing)

Flash fiction from 2017; from a memory much further back than then: He stands a foot from the wall, illuminated by strobe lit blobs and spheres, one hand in his pocket, the other holding a cold beer. 10 pm he’d guess, summer darkness outside lures moths to flight, rhythm finds his feet, yet too soon … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Not Forgot – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – Perceptions Of Reality – Eric (EDC Writing)

‘You don’t agree then?’ ‘It’s not that simple… well it is, but not the way you see it’ ‘Okay, run that by me again’ ‘The thing is there is no answer, by the time we measure, it’s moved on’ ‘What has… time or entity?’ ‘Both, ever shifting, never reaching equilibrium’ ‘So you’re saying there’s no … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Perceptions Of Reality – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – ‘Greenland’ – Eric (EDC Writing)

This post a lengthy piece of narrative text written as part of 'Sam & Erin's Story' back in September 2017 - this its first exposure at the Go Dog Go Cafe...  ..... With hail ricocheting off the wing, backsides bouncing on their seats, her hand gripping his, painted nails digging in, not daring to breathe, … Continue reading Throwback Friday – ‘Greenland’ – Eric (EDC Writing)