Before You Go

Before you go, you should know I never expected you to be the one to lay my soul bare, leave me undone drive a spike through my lovestruck heartan abysmal gaping hole where nothing will grow but black thoughts trembling in the dark. ©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg


SHINE By Charles Robert Lindholm  1/10/2017, 12:43 a.m. The shine from the sun lights up the day the shine from the moon lights up the night Does the moon care that it only shines reflected light? I don't think so! I shine with a twinkle in my eyes when you are around. I love it … Continue reading SHINE

To Blame The Moon

Photo by Dasha Semenihhina on Unsplash When the waning moon is but a sliver does it kiss the sky good-bye,and when the night is at it's darkest, does it breath a heavy sigh and blame the moon for leaving it alone with the twinkling stars?And once the radiant orb swells againilluminating the black obsidian sky do silvery stars and lonely night in unisonforgive … Continue reading To Blame The Moon