Throwback Friday – Renovation – Eric (EDC Writing)

From June 2018 - a poem and a six-word line posted separately now combined: ..... Key in the door a little stiff needs lubricating she keeps telling him Steps inside odd smell greets wet plaster wood dust others homes not his Walls overfilled holes tiles broken rough edges doors an inch too short frames botched … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Renovation – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – Long Story – Eric (EDC Writing)

A poem from April 2018 and a six-word line from February 2018 combined to give 'Long Story' - a 'poem and a line' ..... Exchanged online words likes and comments first e-mails came affection grew Arranged to meet she got cold feet another day they met half-way he reached out she let him touch Hours … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Long Story – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – Care Guide – Eric (EDC Writing)

'Poem and a line' -  an early 2018 poem and a six word line - a light care guide to laundry!  ..... Care guide no use hand rub squeeze tight deep soak wet through hot wash why rush spin-cycles least two well-conditioned hell yes iron best wrinkle free airing-cupboard tight fit while here clean sheets … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Care Guide – Eric (EDC Writing)