Season like – Nonet + Reverse Nonet – Eugenia

leaves fall softly upon the earth's floor color swapping from gold to brown sparrows sing from undressed limbs as they migrate due south nestled securely as they gather in search of calm and warmth thoughts of deep reasoning as they gather nestled securely among defined havens in lush trees where sparrows sing scented blooms of … Continue reading Season like – Nonet + Reverse Nonet – Eugenia


Thundershowers The raindrops flow in rivers down the window pane and I imagine them intersecting with the memories from another day. Looking through the glass, the outside world is distorted through the long water phalanges like streams…distorted like the conversation. My thoughts hijacked by the perceived slight. The harsh, uncaring attitude. I watch the treetops … Continue reading THROWBACK FRIDAY: Reign of Pride


Memory -Linda Lee Lyberg Melancholy waves drenching her soul When his memory, unbidden Slithers in announcing his Presence with her drumming Heart as it beats, beats Against her breast Signalling Unrest Aches. Copyright©2017 Linda Lee Lyberg