Rock Me

Wrap your hipsaround minerock mewith the forceof passion’s stormlet our wild heartsand whiskey nightsscorch the morning sky ©️MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda July 2020

Sounds of Love

Love sounds between breaths of you and me noises of our fascination with each other's body hands and lips finding new places each time eliciting lusting cries of unbridled pleasure as silent walls listen and smile at our naked gratification * ©MidwestFantasy November 2019 Ph-Pinterest


There once was a ladythat saidamong other thingsgood thingsimportant thingsthings about staying soberabout how to be a young ladyabout making a homebut she also saiddon't marry himwait...whatwhy not?he's not what you needwhat will he ever make of himself?I married him anywayI knew he'dmake a best friendmake a lovermake a familymake a careerand he still makes … Continue reading THROWBACK FRIDAY: My Man Monologue

Throwback Friday: Saturday Afternoon Poetry – Christine E. Ray

bare skin glides against my rough edges like warm sand you buff my contours smooth mouth tracing the trail of my vertebrae you become cartographer of my ridges and valleys before breathing electricity along my spine bold fingertips find the places I ache work me like clay patiently loosen the knots I have tied myself into until … Continue reading Throwback Friday: Saturday Afternoon Poetry – Christine E. Ray


Smitten with your eyes devouring my soul your lips drinking me in Smitten with your hands refusing to leave my skin your body pressing into my hunger Smitten with all of you entering all of me creating prurient thrills only the bareness of two can feel * ©MidwestFantasy September 2019 Ph-Pinterest


By Charles Robert Lindholm Though we're worlds apart The bond remains unbroken Friends can still talk heart to heart though words are never spoken © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm - All Rights Reserved Please Come Rummage Through My Archives!! Thanks so much for your views and comments!