THROWBACK FRIDAY, Gossamer Threads, a poem by Tanya

the gossamer threads unwound like a bodice unlaced or a shell cracked or a brittle paper torn skin so delicate that the lightest touch along the curvature of the neck more whispered than felt like a warm spring breeze created such a tremor within the old garment was undone it couldn’t resist the fluttering what … Continue reading THROWBACK FRIDAY, Gossamer Threads, a poem by Tanya


There once was a ladythat saidamong other thingsgood thingsimportant thingsthings about staying soberabout how to be a young ladyabout making a homebut she also saiddon't marry himwait...whatwhy not?he's not what you needwhat will he ever make of himself?I married him anywayI knew he'dmake a best friendmake a lovermake a familymake a careerand he still makes … Continue reading THROWBACK FRIDAY: My Man Monologue