Throwback Friday – Longing – Eugenia

come morning mother earth awakened from slumber to a sun-kissed day the ambered warmth entice scented blossoms to softly caress the air as dew glistens where trees dare to shadow a dream-spun fairytale fashioned like a masterpiece it comes to question will penning down words capture nature’s marvel -Eugenia original published May 3, 2022 A … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Longing – Eugenia

Throwback Friday – Forlorn – Eugenia

a flickering candle seduced dancing shadows that menace the moonlight upon cracked-plaster walls, a community of spidery abodes, their silken threads glimmer as the night moves. this old house creaks, its grand days succumbed to the harshness of yesteryear. faded photos silenced bear witness to graying shades of existence. no matter the season, I reminisce … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Forlorn – Eugenia