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‘Rewind Poetry:’ Free Verse – “Rise Up” #amwriting #poetry #GoDogGoCafe 

Some poetry for you today. Cheers!  ------- ---------- When the notes begin to trill,  Hum along as you wake in the night.  Sing the tune of the chorus,  In whispers with your husky voice as it arises.  Power in lyrics, of the might of the crescendo,  A slow and melodious birth to words of courage.  … Continue reading ‘Rewind Poetry:’ Free Verse – “Rise Up” #amwriting #poetry #GoDogGoCafe 

Interview with Writer, Blogger, and Author JoAnne Macco #amwriting #interview #nonfiction

Good Morning, and welcome to another writer and or blogger interview. I’m excited to share with you an interview with a newly published author, JoAnne Macco. I think you’ll love her blog and her book as much as I do. As per usual, this interview will also be featured on my blog Mandibelle16. JoAnne’s blog … Continue reading Interview with Writer, Blogger, and Author JoAnne Macco #amwriting #interview #nonfiction