Halloween Guest Feature- dancelilli

Waiting Seasons creep up on youyou take the long blearylook out across summerspy that blood red leafand think you know about fallUntil the air bites with a chillat your neck and the clinging leavescircle your anklesThe darkness descendsand the line betweennight and day slithers awayJack’s lanterns appearon stoops their ghoulish smilestarry ’til nighttimeDid you know they … Continue reading Halloween Guest Feature- dancelilli

Halloween Guest Feature- Bartholomew Barker

Halloween, Age 15 The full moon roselike the Great Pumpkinmy little brotherwent begging as a hobo I bullied candysnuck out to meetsome fellow teenage boysunder that same moon High in the sky lightingour swath of destructionthrough the neighborhooda late autumn tornado I still revel in that glorious sightof toilet papered trees in the moonlight Bartholomew … Continue reading Halloween Guest Feature- Bartholomew Barker

Halloween Guest Feature- Bilocalalia

Seasons change With ghoulish glee we scan the aislesfor scarlet glints of streaming blood,count down the hours with wicked smiles,with chortles await the annual flood. The clocks strike twelve as shelf by shelfeach Jack-o-Lantern becomes an elf,the sweetmeats change from orange to green,and candy canes come on the scene. From coast to coast the stockers … Continue reading Halloween Guest Feature- Bilocalalia

Halloween Guest Feature- V Healing

KILLER TIME Dark clouds shadowed the realm, as demons crept into a fiery hell.  Entering a forbidden crypt door,  I’d not seen anything like it before. Havoc, evil, pestilence and plagues, mudslides dripping from the graves. Blood, skeletons, witches and gore, sinister faces swung from the walls. Swaying from cellar, holy men sipped, nuns writhed, … Continue reading Halloween Guest Feature- V Healing

Halloween Guest Feature- Lynn White

All The Devils Were There I used to dress in bakers whiteand take a basket of breadto Halloween parties.I never found many takers.Spiced pumpkin,apple cakesand candywere always more popular.So I had a re-think.Now I take a basket of babies.They can’t get enough of themall of those devils out there,even those who come as angelsgather round … Continue reading Halloween Guest Feature- Lynn White