Melting Pot of Love Creation-peace as the canvason which topaint a freshnew beginning of hope andjoy for all mankindDevour thelush watercolorsa landscapea landslideof unconditional loveflooding the planetBright rainbowslove is love is lovefor othersfor brothersfor sisters in all colorsmelting pot of LOVE. ©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

That Which Fades From Sight

Is it black or whitethat which fades from sightBetweenwhat is wrong or rightcloaked in graphite nightUnseenbut in crystal lighttempting with delightEnraged lovers fightrun away in spitea screamwhen passion holds tightovertakes with mightextremethat which fades from sightIs it black or white ©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

If the Jasmine Should Cease to Bloom

If the fragrant jasmine no longer blooms during spring's pearl moon, Will I at last forget its aromatic delight floating on the breeze of memories of you when I close my eyes?And if the joyous mockingbird should with suddenness stop crooning, Will past melodies warbled live on in a lethargic summer wind?Will we remember them with affection as when they were first sungin … Continue reading If the Jasmine Should Cease to Bloom


Hi Everyone! I am thrilled to announce two of my stories have been published in anthologies this month. It is such a thrill to have my words appreciated, not only by all of you but others as well. Without the encouragement and support of everyone (you, my family, my friends, my followers), I would not have … Continue reading Published!

Before You Go

Before you go, you should know I never expected you to be the one to lay my soul bare, leave me undone drive a spike through my lovestruck heartan abysmal gaping hole where nothing will grow but black thoughts trembling in the dark. ©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg