Throwback Friday – Runaway Train – Michele Vecchitto

Sharing a post from 2016 Can’t get off this train barreling down tracks skewed a little to the left, to the right Meticulously laid by those who create the future while running from the past In-depth plans malleable trusting in blind faith and blank stares of willing riders unaware as they crash photo: Pexels prompts: … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Runaway Train – Michele Vecchitto


I am the willowstooped and ungainlyfrom years of solitude and discordant thoughtsThey weave together to carve lines in my fleshbut my roots run deep as I seek sweet waterIt’s a reckless love, this unquenchable thirstmade worse as I dance in the dusty summer windMy measureless imagination conjures imagesof the long-departed here by the muddy banksI … Continue reading Willow