Throwback Friday: Song Of The Dead- Christine E. Ray

I have learned to carry my ghosts with reverence slip them gently into my coat pockets cradle them close to carotid pulse these most loyal of my companions lull to the steady beat of my survivor’s heart they are with me always unseen but not unfelt borrowing touches through my fingertips stolen glances through my … Continue reading Throwback Friday: Song Of The Dead- Christine E. Ray

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By Charles Robert Lindholm Poetry =  Scary stories that rhyme Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm, The Reluctant Poet All Rights Reserved -  Please Come Rummage Through My Archive Here And On My Blog

Ghostly Assault

A memory brushed against skin muted colors of days spent locked in carnal corners entwined in desires my body never thought possible you painting pleasures with lip brushes soft contrasting those strokes with hands of power me lost in ghostly assault of fevered love ©MidwestFantasy 04/13/2018