By Charles Robert Lindholm The feelings are raw unrippened with age not wanting to wait for time to tell the truth about them   now seems like enough tomorrow seems so far away and forever's just a dream  Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm - All Rights Reserved


By Charles Robert Lindholm    My future days dwindle   As the stars fade away at dawn   An unknown number diminished by one   Copyright © 2016 Charles Robert Lindholm, The Reluctant Poet - All Rights Reserved Please Come Rummage Through My Archive Here And On My Blog!! Life is as the Bible and … Continue reading DWINDLING

Poem: Italian Sonnet “What We Could Become” #dVerse #amwriting #poetry 

Thanks to Lillian from #dVerse Poetic's Pub for hosting last week's #dVerse prompt on Windows, looking out and looking in.  My apologies, I meant to publish this on my blog without realizing I was on Go Dog Go. So bonus poem today!  ------ --------- Here I stand, watching the sea, in and out,  The tide flows, paces … Continue reading Poem: Italian Sonnet “What We Could Become” #dVerse #amwriting #poetry