By Charles Robert Lindholm Linger with me in the feeling Linger  in the glow of sharing love Don't Rush to pull away Linger Longer and stay in the moment with me Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm - The Reluctant Poet All Rights Reserved - Please Come And Visit My Archives, Here And On My Blog!!

Carnal Storm

Masculine thunder rumbling over her skin churning desire's waves assailing sexual senses carnal storm's low growl rocking her hips thrust by thrust steering through sighs sinking deep submerging hungry need where flesh burns hottest pushing further and faster searching scald of female fire resounding breathless pants louder and louder  lust screaming release tremulous urges no … Continue reading Carnal Storm

Let Me Burn

Wildfires burning  within searing need for his hands fueling the flames igniting her skin a thousand sparks electrifying lust's cry her voice its own siren of ecstasy rattling heavens billowing his energy and pace lips taking over where her fever runs highest until her uncontrolled  blaze spews satiated screams into the silent dark ©MidwestFantasy 03/02/2018 … Continue reading Let Me Burn