Promote Yourself Monday- April 16, 2018

Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday.  All Go Dog Go Cafe readers, guest writers, and baristas are invited to post one link to one specific post (600 words or less please!) from your blog into the comments section below.  Be sure to pick your best recent post*, because we will be choosing a Weekly Barista Favorite to be published in full … Continue reading Promote Yourself Monday- April 16, 2018


Wait for the dark my darling when we have the somber night enshrouding our wicked sins. Wait to enter my bed inviting yet mysterious blackest of satin surrounding this pale nude body drenched in moonlight. Wait for the fateful moment when my heart and soul surrenders and welcomes you within. Wait until I cry out … Continue reading Wait

Poem: Free Verse – “Your Life Time Reflects” #amwriting #poetry #GDGC

Credit: Cherisse Kenion via Unsplash You wear your life there’s proof, Your face reflects grand truths. Every moment or memory, Each thought wandered, Others don’t know, and will never hear. Your eyes reveal your years, You can’t camaflouge them with makeup, Or dark sunglasses. The life you’ve lived in the sky of your eyes, Has … Continue reading Poem: Free Verse – “Your Life Time Reflects” #amwriting #poetry #GDGC


Nicole Lyons/The Lithium Chronicles

The Lithium Chronicles

I want someone to taste the misery on my lips,
someone to sit next to my shattered self-worth
and feel the possibility of me becoming beautiful.
I want someone who understands that rainy days
and misty nights make for splendid scenery,
who would build me a home in the middle
of an everlasting rainstorm, always hiding
our doorstep deep inside the fog.
I want someone to juggle their baggage, though it be
heavier than mine, to burn candles for me,
and hang lanterns from the branches of the trees
that line the road they travel on their way home to me.
I want someone who understands that everything
I have ever loved, though it all be unworthy,
was worth it in the end, and I want them to remember
fondly our end, long after I am gone and we have
rewritten it so many times that the world’s grandest

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Ghostly Assault

A memory brushed against skin muted colors of days spent locked in carnal corners entwined in desires my body never thought possible you painting pleasures with lip brushes soft contrasting those strokes with hands of power me lost in ghostly assault of fevered love ©MidwestFantasy 04/13/2018