Lick of Fire

He awakens in his  den of longing intimacy's cravings gnawing ruthlessly inside next to him her faint scent tantalizing obsession screaming through senses she stirs  flutters lashes open rounds her tongue over sleepy lips jolting his need even more he eyes that velvet tongue ready to strike with lick of fire so intense both will burn … Continue reading Lick of Fire

Poem: Free Verse – “Never Say Never”#amwriting #poetry #GDGC

Credit: The Creative Exchange via Unsplash Never say never because you think I can’t, Doesn’t mean I’ll never; Or never will again. Never say never, you’ll eat your words, For I cannot except limitations, Especially when they’re unsure. Perhaps, I am usual, and change is difficult; But every now and then I’ll throw a curve … Continue reading Poem: Free Verse – “Never Say Never”#amwriting #poetry #GDGC