Mission Statement Submission – mkvecchitto

Writing and Reflections


With pen and I paper,

I aspire to paint portraits

with words that find color

in a black and white world

I value each hue that brings

new perspective to thoughts

we may share and understanding

to ideas not yet considered

While wandering in a place

of my own creation, I invite

each reader to come along

and teach me, to show me how

to see with new eyes

to feel with an open heart

to understand with a clear mind

to create with connection and purpose

photo: Pexels

prompt: Go Dog Go Cafe

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Mission Statement Submission – The Sunshine Artist

The Sunshine Artist My purpose is to make the world a better place through spreading happiness and kindness in the world while encouraging and empowering others to love themselves. My goal is to bring light, laughter, and hope to others through my art, stories, and poetry. My vision is to empower others to see that … Continue reading Mission Statement Submission – The Sunshine Artist

Mission Statement Submission – Michnavs – Poetry in Motion

Michnavs - Poetry In Motion Poetry in motion is all about passion, openness, enthusiasm, truth, and reason. It nurtures, inspires and desires to empower women to use their voices and recognize their influence. It envision a vibrant and diverse blogsite  which creates and influence culture and faith. Mich P.S This space is a poetic tribute … Continue reading Mission Statement Submission – Michnavs – Poetry in Motion

Mission Statement – Writing Challenge September 2018

Writing Challenge September Still Open! Thank you to those who have submitted! Most large corporations have a mission statement indicating the service they provide, what they stand for and what they aspire to be in a community. We are writers, almost like an organisation ourselves; we too should have a mission statement too. Our writing … Continue reading Mission Statement – Writing Challenge September 2018

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

the creative life in between

Grandma’s Bleeding Heart – A Mother’s Day Flower

The Best Mother’s Day Gift.

When I was a young, extremely naive, stay-at-home mom
to two energetic and spirited little boys,

the perfect Mother’s Day “gift” would have been
an hour or two of peace and quiet all to myself to do whatever I pleased.

But now that I am an older, experienced, working-outside-the-home mom
to two amazing and independent young men,

and have gained two “daughters”
and a granddaughter too…

the perfect Mother’s Day “gift” has become
an hour or two of time together

to love and laugh and appreciate
the greatest gift of all…

The gift of
being a Mom!

Cheers & Hugs,

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My Gift to You As Long As We Both Shall Live

I Do Run

Sometimes my life gets consumed by kids and schedules and errands and running and writing and whatever else, that I forget that I have a life partner who can help with some of those things and who also needs attention. This poem was inspired by my Hubby and by the Go Dog Go Café Writing Challenge – The gift you share. Specifically, the challenge was to write about your gift of happiness to someone. I read this to my Honey before posting it – I think it made him happy!


I make you happy.

If by happy, you mean, angry

With my still over packing at 3 am for our 6 am flight

And my inability to see the piles of pots and dishes and projects and wishes.

I make you happy.

If by happy, you mean, annoyed

With my running on Filipino time Apple watch

And my…

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