Throwback Friday “Life’s mirage” – Eugenia

admiring the earth, a masterpiece unsurpassed yet plagued with drama seasons unruly and menacing climates without compassion cacophony brouhaha and fractured opinions truth the final straw take or leave it ©Franci Eugenia Hoffman A gander at me – I enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally … Continue reading Throwback Friday “Life’s mirage” – Eugenia

Throwback Friday – His & Her Words – Eric (EDC Writing)

How do you feel today … How do you feel today? Your choice made, down to you, to be without me, happy to be young and carefree, moving on to suit your will? Smiling, knowing you’ll always be wanted, needed, in every way, by someone, your choice always, who you’ll let near. Every flaw, every … Continue reading Throwback Friday – His & Her Words – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – Awakening – Eric (EDC Writing)

The opening narrative scene of 'Their Days - Believing Sight Unseen' first drafted in 2012 has been redrafted many times, and yet, remains much as it was, on its 2020 submission for publication - this is it: MAY Awakening Sunday, early May in southern England Sam sits, eyes shaded, hands clasped behind his head. Sweat … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Awakening – Eric (EDC Writing)