There once was a ladythat saidamong other thingsgood thingsimportant thingsthings about staying soberabout how to be a young ladyabout making a homebut she also saiddon't marry himwait...whatwhy not?he's not what you needwhat will he ever make of himself?I married him anywayI knew he'dmake a best friendmake a lovermake a familymake a careerand he still makes … Continue reading THROWBACK FRIDAY: My Man Monologue

THROWBACK FRIDAY- Linda Lee Lyberg- And I Fell

He captivated me with his voice singing clear and strong, While his fingers strummed a melody on the beat up guitarOne look into his bluest ocean eyes, so crystal calmAnd I fell… And I fell…And I fell…Although the time we loved exploded like a brilliant shooting starLeaving jagged scars…Leaving jagged scars…The only memories left are the … Continue reading THROWBACK FRIDAY- Linda Lee Lyberg- And I Fell