Exciting Changes at the Go Dog Go Cafe!


You may have noticed that we have been shining up the counters at the Go Dog Go Cafe, debuting some new menu items and adding some new writers to our Barista and Regular Contributor Rosters.  It is a new year at the Go Dog Go Cafe and we are really excited about the direction the Cafe is going.

We are committed to the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Mission of providing a warm, inviting and inspiring gathering space for building a healthy and supportive writing community.  We will be pairing excellent original writing from our Baristas, Regular Contributors and Guest Baristas with a mix of special features that explore the writing life, including our new feature Ask A Barista, where we will tackle your writing and blogging questions and give feedback on your works in progress.

We are happy to have founding Baristas Steve Fuller and Gina Gallyot back on a regular basis.  Their warmth, wisdom, kindness, and encouragement was greatly missed!

We are very excited to introduce our new Baristas and Regular Contributors.  These excellent and diverse writers were among the many writers who helped lend a hand over the last couple of months as Guest Baristas and proved themselves thoughtful and responsive community members as well as talented writers.

Please welcome new Baristas:

Michael Erickson/The Ink Owl has also officially joined the Collective as a Regular Contributor.

We hope to welcome more new Baristas and Regular Contributors to the Cafe in the coming months.  Wondering what the job description of a Barista or Regular Contributor at the Cafe looks like?

  • Baristas are expected to submit one Special Feature and one to two pieces of original writing OR two to three pieces of original writing a month.  Regular Contributors are expected to post one to two pieces a month (a special feature, original writing or a combination)
  • They should have a genuine desire to actively participate in the Go Dog Go Community by visiting often, reading and commenting on posts and showing support  for patrons and Baristas
  • Willingness to provide a Special Feature, assist with the Cafe’s social media efforts (perhaps you are handy with creating memes or killing it on Twitter) and/or provide guidance to writers looking for feedback are highly desirable traits

How to Apply:

Send 3 writing samples (links are acceptable), a brief biography, your pen name (if applicable) and the link to where you publish your work to godoggocafe@gmail.com

Guest Submissions always welcome.

Building WordPress.com Website Success: Brave and Reckless-Jenny McKaig

pexels-photo-87347.jpg resized

Although the Go Dog Go Cafe is about celebrating the writing life, those of us with WordPress sites quickly learn that we must not only grow as a writer, we must grow as a blogger if we wish to expand our reach.  A few months ago, writer Jenny McKaig asked to  interview me about the growth of Brave and Reckless.  I would love to hear more about your journey below.

Want to learn about WordPress.com from the best? Developing a successful WordPress.com website requires commitment to solid content, interaction with your community, and intentional and organic forms of growth. In “Spotlight on Successful Blogs: Learning From the Best,” we spoke with three top bloggers to learn how they built stellar sites. Their interviews were packed with valuable tips, insights, and inspiration — all things that they learned while building successful WordPress.com websites. We’re dishing out the details so that you can set your own website up for success. From learning specific techniques, to cultivating a community and a brand, we think you’ll enjoy learning more about how other successful site owners got their starts. Continue reading