My Love is the Blue Dragonfly

“The dragonfly exists because it exists and for no other reason.” ― Marty Rubin My love is the cool autumn breeze whistling through flame coppered leavescaressing your furrowed brow, and calming your worried heart My love is the blue dragonfly flitting in blush morning airmy love is the brilliant sun shiningon delicate iridescent wingsMy love is the grey mockingbirdsinging from high … Continue reading My Love is the Blue Dragonfly

Mosquitoes and Bees, by Ivor Steven

Mosquitoes and Bees Featured Image above: My photo of, Barbara Roe Hebb’s, sculpture, “Pollen Pals”, at the Geelong Sculptors Inc. Annual Exhibition, 101 Ryrie Street, Geelong, where the theme of the exhibition was, ‘Who’s Your Muse’, and I’m presenting this poem for the writers part of the event, tomorrow afternoon. Mosquitoes and Bees    I was … Continue reading Mosquitoes and Bees, by Ivor Steven