The Journey Begins

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My Journey

Hi, my name is Bree and I live in the great state of Arizona.  I started this site because some of my friends recommended that I share the experiences I have had over the past several months as I have prepared for and undergone weight loss surgery.

My objective here is to share the highs and lows I have been going through and will continue to go through due to this life changing surgery.   Everyone has a different experience with it and for those who are considering the surgery, have friends/family who are considering or undergoing it, or have been through it themselves, I want to share my perspective.

I am not a medical professional and any statements regarding medical recommendations are those given to me by my doctor and his staff, and they are not necessarily appropriate in all situations and for all people.

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At The Meat Chiller

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On a busy morning at the
supermarket meat chiller
I studied shelves of
sausages, chops, mince
and shin meat on the bone.
I tried to slide right
to see the chicken packs, lamb
knuckles, corned beef brisket
but the person to my right
simply would not move.
I sidestepped along slightly crowding
but still they did not move.

I turned to say “Excuse me !”
and found myself facing my
reflection in the mirror
on the end section wall.

Previously posted June 2016

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A Poet and Her Words – Sabrina Escorcio

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Whisper and the Roar

These words
oh, these words
what a suffering death
and abundant life
this furtive multitude
of polar opposites;
for it is known
while a poem penned
can be their greatest joy
it could also be
their source of strife
appearing at times
with radiant
illuminating light,
yet other times
held captive in the dark
as useless as a lantern
hidden out of sight

These words
oh, these words
are the poets every wound
exposed to all,
yet the very breeze
that brings healing;
their deepest bleeding gash
but better still
the scab

For truthfully
my dear friend
lover of the written word
it is the very poison
that festers within
as well as the only cure
they need to drink;
it is the sweet truth
humbly revealed
and bitter lies exposed
on which they chew
and think

These words
oh, these words
these words you see
and come…

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Daily Quote

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Jo Hawk


I ran across this cartoon and laughed. How many times have I changed a character’s name or the gender as I write? I know and then it changes.  While not this drastic, my WIP needs an additional character and a dog.

Do you change up your character’s names, genders, delete them altogether, before you type “The End”?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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Brandewijn Words

Peering through the spaces
Between all the places we hide.
I will fall and crawl inside you
To suck the smoke from your lungs.

Inhaling your violet vapors
I am agape for each susurration.
Flowing through the river of your veins
I will crest and fall with your every pulse.

I will taste your thoughts.
Let them roll over my tongue,
Until they cascade down my throat
And fill my empty stomach.

I will wear you around me
Until I no longer can
Feel the world that was.
I’ll only feel what we’ve become.

© Brandewulf 2018

via Bonded ~ Brandewulf — MORALITY PARK

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Lilac Hill

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Raw Earth Ink

Journal Entry:

Named for the mega-volcano that graces this tiny world, Lilac Hill is as desolate as it is beautiful. The giant volcano has a long history of eruption and is still active to this day, with a near constant flow. At nearly 18 kilometers above the surface, it rises above the upper atmosphere and of course creates the weather for this moon. It also happens to be one of the largest mountains in the traveled universe.

Lilac Hill holds its place as one of six small worlds orbiting the gorgeous and colorful gas giant of Planar, in and of itself a planet worth mention. But here I want to chronicle this lovely little moon that I have physically walked across and spent some time getting to know.

From far across the plains, the massive volcano rises and rises… and rises. It is a rare day that one can see…

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growing in gray

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A Writer's Soul

I find pieces of you in random acts I do,
Some startling, some easily retraced to you.
Heart torn and my heads a mess,
I never wanted to be like you,
So many times I prayed to never commit the same crimes you did,
And it was so much easier when I was younger,
To paint you in the black when I lived in the white,
But I find growing up paints the world in some sort of grey,
And I can’t decided where I fall,
Where I wish I didn’t, and where I so obviously do…

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