Something Beautiful, by Ivor Steven

Something Beautiful This weekend’s Word/Photo Challenge from ‘Weekly Prompts’ is: ‘The Bridge’ …. My bridge is the picturesque Cunningham Pier, on the harbour, in Geelong. Please go and visit the ‘Weekly Prompts’ site by clicking >> here  At ‘The Pier Geelong’, homegrown singing sensation Taylor Henderson, headlined Sunday’s concert “GEELONG FIRES-UP”. The event was a local collaborative initiative … Continue reading Something Beautiful, by Ivor Steven

Party of One

And I beg of you, what is the shape of the journeyWhen death comes calling, pleading, greeting usin the thin place between what’s real and what isn’t.Is death round as a wispy dandelion, blowingaway in a gentle breeze, happy and carefree?Or is it square, where everywhere you venture,you find yourself in a cornerWith no way back to here … Continue reading Party of One