Guest Barista Lee Dunn- Envoy of the Ekumen (Ursula K. Le Guin Tribute)

Lee Le Guin piece

Genly Ai
One single person
Carrying a message
to another world
A message of invitation,
of belonging
to a league of worlds
in the wider universe.

to the point of death
by a mad King,
by rival factions,
and political intrigue

Sought out and saved
by one single person
at first skeptical and enigmatic
the honourable Estraven,
whose life was forfeit
for this crime of treason,
but not in vain.

Estraven set in motion
the events by which Ai would succeed.
One man accomplished
What an army could never have done.

Hello,  I am Lee Dunn, a retired man looking to create something through the written word.  I live in Shelburne, Ontario, Canada.
I blog on WordPress at  

Guest Submissions Sought for the Go Do Go Café February Theme: Ursula K. Le Guin


Steve Fuller has been encouraging the Baristas to develop monthly themes for the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Baristas and guest writers to use as a springboard for their creativity, much like the Chef’s use a unifying ingredient on Iron Chef or Chopped.

We will be launching this “ingredient for the month” concept in February in way that let’s us honor the great writer Ursula K. Le Guin, who we lost earlier this week after an amazing life of writing and inspiring adults and children around the world with her powerful storytelling, poetry, and essays.  We challenge all of you to write a poem, essay, reflective piece, story, flash fiction that honors her, is inspired by a favorite LeGuin story, or dives into the mind of a character in one of her books.  You pick, she is your main ingredient.

If you decide to take us up on our monthly challenge, please submit your “dish” long with a suggested image and a brief biography to  We will publish all appropriate submissions.  We would love it if you reposted this invitation and shared it on social media.


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