When the gold melts into the sea
and flares up
every burning desire in you and me
when the sun dips the toes into
the heart of the ocean
and I seep slowly into
your soul, my love
Where the darkness engulfs 
and wraps us in the eternal love
and nothing can keep us apart
we are entwined 
with each other
when the gold churned in the sky
colors our soul
in shades of crimson
and we drench 
into the radiance of that pure bliss
of the eternal love
we see the warm hues all around us
simmering us to the core
with the one we love
the rays of the sunshine 
paints us forever and more
and creates a  scene 
love never forgets
Come, meet me darling
when the sun sets.
Photo by Rachel Cook on Unsplash

Why do you pray?

“In prayer, it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”
― John Bunyan


Was is the emptiness in your heart

that made you pray tonight

Was is it the loneliness

which made you look up

in his eyes

Were you looking for ways

to absolve your sins

Was it the dizziness from all the

trials and tribulations in your chaotic life

which swerved your way towards him

Was it the weakness in your heart

which made you kneel

Was it the walled emotions

you wanted to break in

Was it the feeling of falling

in your abyss of hatred and anger

Was is the bitterness in your heart

which wanted to be spilled out

Was it the world of yours

which was tumbling down

all your dreams and hopes

falling brick  by brick

Was it the sharp stabbing pain

in your soul, you wanted to stop

Was is the will to be liberated

to the One, you have been waiting

Was it the feeling of

pumping this hamster wheel

or you just wanted to throw a wrench

in this wheel

What made you pray?

What made you kneel?

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

After Hours: When I dance with her- Megha Sood

when I dance with her Megha

Locked gaze of hungry eyes
a fleeting touch of her body
Sudden twists and turns
Swirls, which are so naughty
Emotions flowing in locked steps
Driving both the souls in unison
Tapping feet makes the melody
When I’m with her
Music stirs our souls
Beats makes the heart move
Clapping to the ever-changing melody
Body does the groove
That syncopated feeling
when the world is moving in unison
Nothing compares to that ecstasy
When I am with her
The bare touch of her fingertips
electrifies me
Gliding and flowing of her body
Stirs the tides inside me
You can feel the passion
You can taste the love in the air
Passion has a new meaning
When I dance with her.
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I’m an avid reader, loves to sing, an ardent lover of poetry and sometimes can scribble few lines too. Loves to dance in the rain, have an undying love for nature, can watch the beautiful sunset for hours. I have worked in the IT field for almost a decade as a manager, worked crazy hours and traveled around the world. In that busy schedule, I never got the time to creatively express my thoughts. Now every time I finish a poem, free verse anything it fills me with so much happiness and excitement and a feeling to have created something of my own.  I blog at Megha’s World – A potpourri of emotions.