Hi Everyone! I am thrilled to announce two of my stories have been published in anthologies this month. It is such a thrill to have my words appreciated, not only by all of you but others as well. Without the encouragement and support of everyone (you, my family, my friends, my followers), I would not have … Continue reading Published!

Before You Go

Before you go, you should know I never expected you to be the one to lay my soul bare, leave me undone drive a spike through my lovestruck heartan abysmal gaping hole where nothing will grow but black thoughts trembling in the dark. ©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

To Blame The Moon

Photo by Dasha Semenihhina on Unsplash When the waning moon is but a sliver does it kiss the sky good-bye,and when the night is at it's darkest, does it breath a heavy sigh and blame the moon for leaving it alone with the twinkling stars?And once the radiant orb swells againilluminating the black obsidian sky do silvery stars and lonely night in unisonforgive … Continue reading To Blame The Moon

Gone Moon

The mysterious gloom is charcoal blackfor our luminous moon has disappearedstars no longer gleam and as we fearedThe mysterious gloom is charcoal blackFor our luminous moon has disappearedOnce dazzling sun lost and lonely withoutwith earth’s future now in serious doubtFor our luminous moon has disappearedOnce dazzling sun lost and lonely withoutthe bright orb to share … Continue reading Gone Moon


A silvered sheaf of moonlight spills through the barren treesdancing across the forest floor calypso leaves dressed in finest hues–Moonlight orchestra–Abstract haunting melodies  in shades of persimmon bronze- fire- amber harmonizingas they howl to the wolf blood moon ©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Come Rest

Gazing into the washed rose pink sky mottled with wispy clouds drifting by there on the wavering horizon  a majestic steeple arisingabove purple fog crawling an omen beckoning and callingCome, rest within hallowed peaceful hallsyour prayers answered within these sacred walls. ©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg