Party of One

And I beg of you, what is the shape of the journeyWhen death comes calling, pleading, greeting usin the thin place between what’s real and what isn’t.Is death round as a wispy dandelion, blowingaway in a gentle breeze, happy and carefree?Or is it square, where everywhere you venture,you find yourself in a cornerWith no way back to here … Continue reading Party of One


I hear poetry …in melodious notes of blue rain songas emerald moss croons to the lonely streamand shimmering fish dance in clear icy waters— an arioso symphony–When the white winter air clouds my warm breathwhile grey doves huddle in the barren treesand Northern Flickers peck, peck, peck…I hear poetry ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

THROWBACK FRIDAY- Linda Lee Lyberg- Mighty Gabriel

Mighty Gabriel cloud in peach sherbet skyKissing goodnight to the sinking sunWhen waxing moon shines, rising on nighMourning for the glorious day is over, done Kissing goodnight to the sinking sunAngel spreading his gossamer wings, fliesMourning for the glorious day is over, doneAs he soars into the cobalt black nightAngel spreading his gossamer wings, fliesSurrounded … Continue reading THROWBACK FRIDAY- Linda Lee Lyberg- Mighty Gabriel