“to thy own self be true” – Rachel

Rachel writes her heart on her sleeve
She says: This is a poem I wrote this summer, discovering the battles scars I share with my sisters. Thanks for a great, inspirational site, that encourages it readers to create.

Heart On Her Sleeve Publications

“Woman or girl,

Old ‘fore her time.

Looking to please

Looking to find

The part of her self

To which she was true

Without biting back

To save him or you.

You and your senses

So easily undone.

Your sensibilities

Pretending to run,

Blush, and hide

In uncomfortable fashion,

Yet turn heel pursuing

The first scent of passion.

Woman or girl,

Old ‘fore her time,

Biting her tongue,

Towing the line.

Too much to share

“she’s an open book”

Yet risk too little and

“the bitch is a crook.”

Caught between tides,

Woman or girl,

Fight, flight, or slight

To end of the world.

Damned if you do.

Damned if you don’t.

Might as well ____________ (insert that thing you want to do but are afraid to do)

The rest the world won’t.”

Lately, I have been moved by women, their resilience, and those that love and support them. I…

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The Me I Know – paensunplugged

Share your poem with me at the GDG!
Someone who has become a wonderful friend in such a short time connecting through words and rhyme, read her melody from her heart, The Me I Know – I so love the title


I am the unsung melody of my heart

Trying to find my voice through my words

I go by many labels

And though, I don’t mind them

They do kind of box me in.

The colour of my skin

The place where I was born

An integral part of me,

Don’t completely define me.

For I am my lineage but also

What I have made of me.

I am no iconoclast but I follow my heart

And following it means, I break some rules.

Though I do enjoy my solitude

I come alive in friends’ company

A tad shy, I can be reclusive

But once a bond is forged

I’ll go to any length.

No claim to fame, no accolades to show

Just an evergrowing circle of people I hold close.

I am not the scintillating incadescent flame

Drawing people inexorably,

More like a cosy fireplace

Which no one wants…

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A Poem About Me – Ivor

My dear friend Ivor from Geelong, Victoria tells us about himself in his poem about me. I loved his creativity with the links to poems he has written cleverly weaved into the poetry


Share your poem with me!                                                                                                 Written By Gina, of Singledust

“Last week in my feature at the Go Dog Go Cafe I put out a call to write a poem to introduce yourself. the idea was formed from a spoken word poetry meet I attended. 

If it inspires you to write one, Pingback to here or my Come Sit With Me post and I will feature it this week at the Cafe! 

No word limit but….you know what I mean!

I would really like to read who you are in your own words!

Here’s my poem, about me, Ivor.

About Me, And My…

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Marie is…(poem)

share your poem with me at the GDG!
Then a very familiar face popped up with her honest and very personal Marie is….


I ‘m a first generation American,

The child of immigrants from Caribbean shores.

I’m honest, though prone to filter to save people’s feelings.

I’m loyal and I wish more people could reciprocate that.

I’m either hot or cold for people.

Never tepid.

I’m nice in general, but warm with my inner circle.

Introverted, I want to be invited to things

But just like a cat, I won’t come when called.

I believe in God, but my faith has been tried lately.

I’ve had many crushes but only been in love once.

I love writing but I don’t as much as I’d like to.

Sometimes I take things too personally.

Sometimes I hold onto things for too long.

Sometimes I let go of things that should be addressed.

Most times, I’m just trying to do my best with what I’ve got.

I’m a lover of music, food, art, people, God, oh…

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Queen of Quaint – Eugenia

Share your poem with me at the GDG!
The first poem I received was from our very own Barista Eugenia and her is titled Queen of Quaint. So original and quirky! read it here



queen of quaint,

a title lovingly bestowed

on me, myself and I

some time ago

an observation of a

mere acquaintance

and rightfully so

my golden years upon me

my life flying by in a

woosh, reaching out for

purpose and symmetry

yet not numbed into


a free-spirited soul

sipping a cup of

her favorite coffee

while yearning to express

thoughts of yore,

thoughts of today

thoughts of morrow

looking forward to

another sunny and

whimsical day


A whimsical poem about me, myself and I, in response to Gina@Singledust’s challenge –

Write a poem about oneself, it could be a story waiting to be told or a song to be sung   18th August 2018 – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Cafe

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