My Mug. My Life.

I am kind of giggling that I could write about a coffee mug.  But thanks to Christine Ray, a line in her poem  “A Poet’s Love Song”inspired this piece, and I just had to run with it!


I stared at the chip in my favorite teal colored coffee mug.  The mug with the typewriter font B on it for Beth. The chip happened not long after I bought it, and I don’t know how.

I felt like I was staring at my life.

Like the mug, my life is a beautiful color.  Although, it is not always the same color because different days and experiences bring different colors.

Like the mug, my life is daily filled with things I love. Family, good friends, good times, thoughts and dreams.  Oh yes, and coffee and wine.

Like the mug, my life constantly gets refilled.  Mainly, it’s the people in my life who unknowingly do that for me.

Like the mug, I sometimes spice up my life by adding in things others’ may never think of doing.  And I savor those moments of secret indulgence.

Like the mug, my life is not perfect. I never know when a chip will happen.  I don’t always know how it happens. But my life has bumps and scuffs, and those oftentimes leave scars that are permanent yet not debilitating.

Like the mug, chips won’t keep my life from being able to be full and happy. Hurt, heartache, and loss happen. But I continue on and sometimes ignore those chips.

My mug.  My life.




Inspiration Wall: What is Poetry?/Jem Croucher

A collection of words with juxtaposition
Crafted into some lines
That speak of my life and the things that I see
To capture a few of those times

It’s the nuance they have and the mystery too
that capture imagination
And the joy of finding a stanza to fit
Within gift and my arbitration


Photo – Jempics

Inspired by the Go Dog Go cafe posting ‘What is Poetry?‘ on 3 August

Inspiration Wall: Poetry…/Aurora Phoenix

Response poem to today’s Go Dog Go question of What is Poetry 


is a volcano

lain dormant

beneath centuries

sparked to life

when the earth

cracked asunder

tectonic splicing

it sends smoke signals

puffed aboriginal messages

rumbling urgency

it flows




singeing any who dare

inhibiting stance

paving a sea-bound path

it erupts

spuming ash

of incinerated hopes

it cools

igneous burying

poppied despair

it forges

tropical islands

font of

hibisci’d paradise

Inspiration Wall: Poetry

A response poem to Davy D’s question What Is Poetry? on the Go Dog Go Cafe

it is a stir

an ache

rising from my core

growing in urgency

pushing to my surface

gasping hungrily for air

sitting impatiently on my tongue

black pearl


tear shaped diamond


for hand to grasp pen

fingers to touch keys

truth to be unleashed

an explosion of my soul

made visible

in black ink


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Inspiration Wall: A Poet By Any Other Name…/Aurora Phoenix

Prompted by this morning’s post by Davy D and response by braveandreckless at the Go Dog Go Cafe .

she eschews labels

having been singed

by the hot iron

of many a branding

she simply knows

in her bones

infused with wisdom

of ageless sages

her words pour voluminous

from the depths

of the well

that is her essence

anoint the stratosphere

with inviolable droplets

from truth’s aspergillum


You can read more of Aurora’s work at Insights from “Inside”

Inspiration Wall: Recklessly She Declared Truth

Thank you Davy D  for this morning’s inspiration

recklessly she looked deeply inside

saw fire and ice in her heart

smelled iron and cooper in her blood

felt moon and ocean tides tug her soul

knew the hum of words

crawling under skin

burning to escape

knew herself a poet

the short shortsightedness of self-declared authorities

who believed themselves arbitrators anointed from above

be damned

she knew they did not have the wisdom

the clarity

the passion

to judge

all that she was

truth would be hers alone to reveal


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray

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