my view

The elusive horizon challenged the sun “chase your shadow” And the train tracks carried away all her sorrow With a sideways view She fell through “it’s leaving the page” And her thoughts became actors on the stage Tesla’s pride would have been evident She burned electric blue like his current

Guest Barista Eric Syrdal: Triumph…

Jerusalem, Babylon, Damascus another parade passing under the city gate arch the sun blotted out by ancient stones here long before our sandaled feet trod the dust of a thousand battles into the air phalanx shields and glittering spear tips drums and raucous horns welcome the conquerors to this place of trophies fine fabrics and … Continue reading Guest Barista Eric Syrdal: Triumph…

November Poems

"November is the pearl-grey month, the changeling between warm crimson October and cold white December; the month when the leaves fall in slow drifting whirls and the shapes of the trees are revealed. When the earth imperceptibly wakes and stretches her bare limbs and displays her stubborn unconquerable strength before she settles uneasily into winter. November is secret and silent." --Alison Uttley I belong to a dynamic poetry … Continue reading November Poems

25th November 2017 – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Café

“Sometimes, people can go missing right before our very eyes. Sometimes, people discover you, even though they’ve been looking at you all the entire time. Sometimes, we lose sight of ourselves when we’re not paying enough attention. We all get lost once in a while, sometimes by choice, sometimes due to forces beyond our control. … Continue reading 25th November 2017 – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Café