Throwback Friday – His & Her Words – Eric (EDC Writing)

How do you feel today … How do you feel today? Your choice made, down to you, to be without me, happy to be young and carefree, moving on to suit your will? Smiling, knowing you’ll always be wanted, needed, in every way, by someone, your choice always, who you’ll let near. Every flaw, every … Continue reading Throwback Friday – His & Her Words – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – Awakening – Eric (EDC Writing)

The opening narrative scene of 'Their Days - Believing Sight Unseen' first drafted in 2012 has been redrafted many times, and yet, remains much as it was, on its 2020 submission for publication - this is it: MAY Awakening Sunday, early May in southern England Sam sits, eyes shaded, hands clasped behind his head. Sweat … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Awakening – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – Not Forgot – Eric (EDC Writing)

Flash fiction from 2017; from a memory much further back than then: He stands a foot from the wall, illuminated by strobe lit blobs and spheres, one hand in his pocket, the other holding a cold beer. 10 pm he’d guess, summer darkness outside lures moths to flight, rhythm finds his feet, yet too soon … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Not Forgot – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – Called Your Name – Eric (EDC Writing)

'Called Your Name' a slightly tweaked version of 'Blink' posted last year and published this year in 'Shorts - a take on poetry' ..... Early morning walking head a drift of memories a robin at my feet took to the air another came In flight they kissed suspended for a moment beak to beak their … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Called Your Name – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – Renovation – Eric (EDC Writing)

From June 2018 - a poem and a six-word line posted separately now combined: ..... Key in the door a little stiff needs lubricating she keeps telling him Steps inside odd smell greets wet plaster wood dust others homes not his Walls overfilled holes tiles broken rough edges doors an inch too short frames botched … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Renovation – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday – Promises – Eric (EDC Writing)

He a man untied to time or anything beyond accepted promises She his curved ball provokes imagination believes she can be his Conscience slips and slides everyday more blind to all he’ll leave behind As he sleeps he stares sees her in his darkness light rolls back their years Love beyond words felt though unheard … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Promises – Eric (EDC Writing)