After Hours: My Attic Room- Christine Ray

You and me in my attic bedroom in Somerville.  Green and tan striped wallpaper inexpertly hung on deeply slanted walls.  Futon on the floor, the smell of warm cedar, window fan lazily stirring the air.  Dust particles floating suspended in golden light that falls across the hardwood floor in a diagonal.  Your eyes the bluest I have ever seen.  Your skin so pale it is almost translucent. Your short hair black and curly, surprisingly silky to my touch.  Your mint fresh breath against my mouth as if you could breathe for both of us.  We try to stay away from each other but we are the drug the other is always craving, we are the hum in each other’s blood. You don’t tell me how you explain your absence from home and I don’t ask—you are the only thing that makes me feel alive.  Your soft breasts visible under ribbed white men’s undershirt that sticks to your skin with summer sweat. You  twist your fingers in the belt loops of my shorts, pulling my hips closer to yours.  Our mouths always hungry, our bodies straining to meld into each other through layers of thin cotton. We are liquid fire in each other’s arms.  The feel of my hands tangled in your hair, the hitch in your breath when I trace your throat with my lips.  We tell ourselves that it is just kissing, that as long as our shirts and shorts are on this is not an affair.  We rationalize this wildfire passion to ourselves, to each other, even when we arch our bodies into each other, even when you give me your gentle and your fierce, even when you call in the middle of the night to say that you can not stop thinking about me, that you can’t live without my apricot kiss.


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Building Website Success: Brave and Reckless-Jenny McKaig

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Although the Go Dog Go Cafe is about celebrating the writing life, those of us with WordPress sites quickly learn that we must not only grow as a writer, we must grow as a blogger if we wish to expand our reach.  A few months ago, writer Jenny McKaig asked to  interview me about the growth of Brave and Reckless.  I would love to hear more about your journey below.

Want to learn about from the best? Developing a successful website requires commitment to solid content, interaction with your community, and intentional and organic forms of growth. In “Spotlight on Successful Blogs: Learning From the Best,” we spoke with three top bloggers to learn how they built stellar sites. Their interviews were packed with valuable tips, insights, and inspiration — all things that they learned while building successful websites. We’re dishing out the details so that you can set your own website up for success. From learning specific techniques, to cultivating a community and a brand, we think you’ll enjoy learning more about how other successful site owners got their starts. Continue reading

Call for Submissions from Christine/Brave and Reckless: Telling Our Stories About Invisible Illness Creatively


I was looking at the top of my dresser yesterday and noticed how all my jewelry, cosmetics, brushes and combs have been pushed aside to make room for creams, ointments and lotions to treat pain, muscle cramps and improve sleep. It was a stunning visual image that really brought home for me how much my life has changed over the last year as I learn to live with fibromyalgia.

This image has stayed in my head and has planted a seed about a possible series exploring what it is like to live with an invisible illness told in photos, artwork, poetry, prose, short fiction, essay and other creative mediums.  I think this could be a great opportunity to educate, to entertain, enlighten and express ourselves creatively.  If you are living with an invisible illness or are caring for someone living with an invisible illness I hope you will consider participating in this project. My goal would be to publish it as a week-long series on Brave and Reckless in February.

Email your submissions to by Friday, February 9th with your name, the name you publish under, a brief biography and a link to wherever you publish your work.

Feel free to share this call for submissions.

After Hours: Feline

We never talked about the monster inside me.  Crouched on the bed, cold white skin, dark pupils dilated like dinner plates, your bodily fluids fragrant on my tongue, feral and remote, licking my own blood off my fingers.  Repulsive and enticing in equal turns.  Never knowing if I would fade into the night for days or months, or pounce like a panther, holding you hostage on the edge of pain and pleasure, making you moan deep in your throat, your fingers knotted in wrinkled sheets, relishing your scream of release that I alone owned, finally settling down like a contented house cat, licking cream off both our mouths.


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved