Not a Choice

Written in response to Davy D’s “Are You a Poet?”


I am a poet by heart

not choice

not decision

didn’t try

didn’t know

just wrote

and what inked my pages

was poetry by happenstance

words woven by emotion so strong

it could be nothing less

for in poetry

the soul bleeds truth

the poet can’t deny

nor anyone else




The Call: Look Not on the Thorns/Linda Luna

Today’s Call and Response come from Linda Luna/DARK SIDE OF THE MOON  and Chuck/The Reluctant Poet.

“Without thorns there would be no roses.” —Author unknown

Be not afraid of my mean features.
You have them too, you know.
Our friendship includes pain
Not unexpected,
But the pricks are small compared to all
We add to one another.
So much of the way is smooth, and delicate, and green,
And what of all the other shows of color?
The reds and yellows, pinks and vibrant whites?
Will you close your eyes upon their beauty
Simply because you despise the sting?
The fear you fear allows us to find comfort.
The loss you cast aside makes way for gain.
Our strength comes when we recognize our weakness.
And healing is known through the hurts we have to mend.
My darling, look not on the thorns,
But on the roses.

Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved

The Response: My Worn and Tattered Heart-Charles/The Reluctant Poet

forlorn and forgotten
like refrigerator art
once you vowed to love me
but now we live apart

I do my best at coping now
until the teardrops start
falling on the surface
of my worn and tattered heart

but someday soon I’ll feel the Spring
and Sunshine on my face
and my heart will heal and love again
with a True Love in your place

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired by “Tattered Heart” by Christine of braveandrecklessblog


The Call: Tattered Heart-Christine/Brave and Reckless

Today we are bringing you another a Call and Response from Christine/Brave and Reckless and Chuck/The Reluctant Poet.

i am a faded, tattered


pinned to a dusty bulletin board

a thumb tack

piercing my heart

partially covered by

photographs of smiling new faces

and perky motivational sayings

only bits and pieces of me

still visible in the montage

the sentiments I carried

that you once treasured

enough to put me here

with loving hands

in a place of honor

now forgotten

why do you leave me here

hanging alone?


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

The Response: Memories In Amber/Charles

Today we are bringing you a Call and Response from Christine/Brave and Reckless and Chuck/The Reluctant Poet.  The line in Christine’s poem “Memories captured in amber” inspired the Reluctant Poet to write about his own memories in amber.

Covered in Amber
the residue of my tears
washing over my memories
down through the years
from long, long ago,
the dark ages of time 
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