Ghostly Assault

A memory brushed against skin muted colors of days spent locked in carnal corners entwined in desires my body never thought possible you painting pleasures with lip brushes soft contrasting those strokes with hands of power me lost in ghostly assault of fevered love ©MidwestFantasy 04/13/2018

Let Me Burn

Wildfires burning  within searing need for his hands fueling the flames igniting her skin a thousand sparks electrifying lust's cry her voice its own siren of ecstasy rattling heavens billowing his energy and pace lips taking over where her fever runs highest until her uncontrolled  blaze spews satiated screams into the silent dark ©MidwestFantasy 03/02/2018 … Continue reading Let Me Burn


Romance~ lives breathes wraps its arms around love holds conversations between fingers and skin sighs in morning's smile whispers in dusk's touch Romance~ makes moments forevers ©MidwestFantasy 02/14/2018 Ph- Google Images