Ask A Barista- January 15, 2018


Today’s question comes from Debra at Away in Autumn

Question: Hi there, a question for your baristas. First, I love a chai tea latte with lots of cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles. My question is, how does being in a warm cafe with other writers and art-inspired people, while drinking a coffee or hot drink, affect the tone or mood or feel of your writing, or improve the inspiration you feel and sense of hope you might bring to your writing?

Answer: Thank you for your question. My answer is going to be an amalgamation of responses I have posted over WordPress and some new thoughts. I like your choice of drink, very Bohemian! I would be having a caramel latte sitting beside you!

I think sitting in a café gives us glimpses of life and that in itself is already the real inspiration. We don’t always write true stories, sometimes we need some fiction and then that fictional piece looks like it imitates our real life, hazah! a story is born! It’s because we are drawn to human connection even when it does not involve actually speaking or touching another person physically. Being in a space where others are writing fuels my desire to be heard too.

Sitting in a café where other writers gather gives me the drive to move on with my writing. I am so guilty of starting and never completing a project. Having a focused time to do just that is very important if we want to produce something tangible.

Here in Malaysia where I live, there are many book and poetry clubs, it’s a very vibrant scene and some spin off groups come out of that artistic community. I have recently been out in the real world (HAHAHA!) and there is a group of writers who gather at a café and just write, no communication needed, just a round of hellos and sometimes asking for feedback from another, but usually just silent camaraderie and the fellowship of writing and getting on with it. We don’t usually share stories but as in any social gathering we will gravitate to certain individuals and them to us and develop new bonds of friendship and understanding and then the real sharing begins. I never know when I am going to be deeply moved by another writer’s struggle to get where he/she is.

I ramble, always!

Similarly in this virtual café we are getting the same support, just not immediate sometimes but always present and as Stephen has mentioned somewhere, because we are international and cover a couple of time zones and a few continents there’s always a Barista awake to comment or just LIKE something we have poured our soul into. This is a living and breathing community in every sense. And I think the value we get from this connection is priceless. In Kuala Lumpur I am restricted to the people of my country and some foreigners who join us, here I have the wealth of diversity and flavour of race and culture and artistic genre.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

I am writing this sitting in a local café, its wet weather outdoors and I am sipping a very frothy cappuccino while my non-writer companion is frowning at my incessant typing! Time for a sticky bun!

Hope & Love,


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Ask A Barista: January 13, 2018



Our question tonight comes from Missy at Sparkle on Her Face

Question: I am a new bee and I love writing.  You page is amazing. I would like to learn more how you make money writing. I am very interested. Thanks.

Answer: You ask an excellent question that I don’t think any of our Baristas are fully qualified to answer.  The Go Dog Go site is not monetized, and to the best of my knowledge, none of the Baristas are full-time professional writers or editors.  This is truly a labor of love.  Several of us have our fantasies about getting published, but the reality is most independent writers are happy just to see their name in print and lucky to break even if they do.  The publishing industry has changed dramatically over the last fifteen years and there are very few success stories like J.K. Rowlings.  Even many authors signed by major publishers these days have to do the vast majority of marketing their own books.

That said, WordPress does have information available on ways to monetize blogs.  Upwork is an online site for freelance writers and editors to connect with consumers looking for these services. It has a good reputation and may be a place to start if you are looking to get your toes wet as a professional writer.

I have done freelance editing in the past, primarily of doctoral dissertations and other technical writing.  That happened primarily because I was in the right place at the right time and had an unusual skill set that somebody needed.  The first job led to a second via word of mouth.

Is anyone else experienced with generating income from their writing or blogging?  What advice would you give?

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Ask A Barista January 11, 2018

nathan-dumlao-298337Our first question to be featured on Ask Barista comes from Viola Blue at Ideas Become Words

Question: First, I’d like to start with a white chocolate mocha and then my question, should you have time for one today, would be:
Many people suggest publishing blogs at the same time/day for more successful traffic. Do you agree?
My brain works in random ways, hence my posts to date have been posted at random times ….
Cream on top please x

Answer: My answer to this is going to be purely anecdotal.  I do try to publish at least one blog post around the same time every day.  I have been blogging long enough that I have a pretty big stockpile of previous writing that many of my newer followers have not read yet and my more long term followers (and sometimes even I!) have forgotten about.  I schedule one of these older pieces to republish at 10 am every day.  If I am going to publish a Daily Song on any given day I will try to publish it for between 3 to 4 pm just to spread them out.  I am pretty spontaneous with new writing and publish it when my muse finishes with me.

Does scheduling for the same time every day bring me more traffic?  I honestly have no idea, but there are writers who I follow regularly who publish at a consistent time every day and I miss them when they don’t publish when I expect them to.  One of my favorite writers publishes around 3 to 3:30 each day and reading his posts are a guilty pleasure during my afternoon break at work.

That white chocolate mocha with cream coming right up Viola!


Does anyone else have an opinion on Viola’s excellent question?

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