Carnal Storm

Masculine thunder rumbling over her skin churning desire's waves assailing sexual senses carnal storm's low growl rocking her hips thrust by thrust steering through sighs sinking deep submerging hungry need where flesh burns hottest pushing further and faster searching scald of female fire resounding breathless pants louder and louder  lust screaming release tremulous urges no … Continue reading Carnal Storm


Surrender to me forget the risk forget the rules let time stop get lost in me let my mysterious ways seduce your soul as they ravage your body with feminine prowess see my hands as magic ribbons tying every fantasy together as I unravel you feel my lips tell stories across your undiscovered lands then … Continue reading Surrender

Phone Tease

His sexy words untangling her mind soft, low masculine seduction reaching in touching her without hands crawling over feminine need licking hipbones twisting in answer to his tease her heavy breaths and stifled screams the response that did him in * ©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda 06/29/2018 Ph-Pinterest


My thirsting lips beg for it the chance to slowly wrap around your taste letting my tongue fascinate your senses break former rules open closed doors letting my tongue stroke words of passion smooth away worries wander into dreams letting my tongue undress your mind unlock your fantasies unravel your strength unleash your masculinity until … Continue reading Thirsting

Lick of Fire

He awakens in his  den of longing intimacy's cravings gnawing ruthlessly inside next to him her faint scent tantalizing obsession screaming through senses she stirs  flutters lashes open rounds her tongue over sleepy lips jolting his need even more he eyes that velvet tongue ready to strike with lick of fire so intense both will burn … Continue reading Lick of Fire