Liquid Passion

Liquid dreams1

I want you

to drench me

in the liquid dream

of passion


cascading over my skin

like fine wine

I must drink in

followed by

shivers of sheer fulfillment

leaving my parched body

thirsting no more




Games They Play

games for two

They had games

secret games

two players only

no one else invited

no one else aware

intensity building

with each forward move

danger rising

as they rounded a corner

the unknown of next moves

fueling fires

burning since early evening


with each minute longer

they played

senses on alert

watching each player

eye the other

trying to read

the sexual glare

pushing strategy deeper

too far in

to quit

neither backing down


risky bet

got their pawn

new game on


Verses Unspoken

Hello friends and welcome back! I hope you like what is in store for you tonight.

As I often do, I wrote this piece from a  male point of view; and me, I am all girly, girl female.  So, I am not sure why I like writing from this perspective, but I really do. Maybe I like to think I know what goes on in a man’s mind at times.

Settle in for some Friday night After Hours poetry to light up your night a bit.


Verses Unspoken

satin touch1

It was her satin touch

writing unspoken lines

across my skin

verses of adoration

dripping with passion’s fire

igniting desire

in places undiscovered by others

untold secrets spilling over me

whispering through fingertips

the carnal craving of hers

crying for satiation


now at full attention

unable to deny

the thrill of her intensity

pull her on top

my low, ravenous voice


“Let me help you

find this story’s climax

and write the ending

as one.”

“As the Moon Watches” After Hours in the Go Dog Go Café

Hello friends.  Welcome to After Hours with Beth Amanda.  Love to see you here.

This poem developed rather randomly and on one of those days, when just looking at prompt words/phrases , suddenly a cohesive piece was forming.  That doesn’t happen to me often.  I am good with one prompt.  But putting several together sometimes seems Aft forced.  But the other night I simple glanced through my sheet of Twitter prompts from a few weeks and words stuck out and gelled.  It was cool!  So, the following is a combination of a few Twitter prompts and my own wandering mind.  Hope it fits your fancy for After Hours.

“As the Moon Watches”

Moon Watches

Feeling your lips

sensual silken touch

upon shivering skin

hushed cashmere whisper

causing rhythmic waves

in deep unknowns

of my body

shallow breaths

keeping me afloat

my mind

ebbing and flowing

with the tide

moonlight’s eyes

watching in awe

the bare beauty

of your gentle, hungry passion

delicious to every sense

overcoming me

in shudders and cries

a musical beat and song

assuaging the moon

as he smiles

and hides behind a cloud




In the After Hours of the Café

Our friend Sailorpoet, S Francis, had the idea of a time at the cafe called “After Hours.” These hours, for me, are some of my favorite in the day.  I am not really a morning person, and need that caffeine to get going, but staying up late–I’m good at that.  You never know what things can happen in the After Hours, and believe me, I have had some interesting late nights or simply observed some interesting scenarios.

So After Hours will take on a bit more of the sensual/erotic tone of the cafe–my favorite tone.  The poems tonight are some I have previously written on Twitter under @midwestfantasy. So grab a late night Kahlúa and coffee and free your senses and imagination…

“Unravel Her”

His voice

pure poetic passion

unraveling her slowly

like a precious silk ribbon

mystical hands

working to persuade her

unlace the ecstasy



Gentle fingertips

tracing your name

over writhing hipbones


this will be

my moment

of surrender