Lick of Fire

He awakens in his  den of longing intimacy's cravings gnawing ruthlessly inside next to him her faint scent tantalizing obsession screaming through senses she stirs  flutters lashes open rounds her tongue over sleepy lips jolting his need even more he eyes that velvet tongue ready to strike with lick of fire so intense both will burn … Continue reading Lick of Fire

You, Me, Rain

We fucked in the rain downpour of inhibitions left on the ground cries of release piercing gray air washing ourselves in champagne drops of need sounds of rain sounds of us a thunderous rolling storm * ©MidwestFantasy 05/18/2018 Ph-  

Ghostly Assault

A memory brushed against skin muted colors of days spent locked in carnal corners entwined in desires my body never thought possible you painting pleasures with lip brushes soft contrasting those strokes with hands of power me lost in ghostly assault of fevered love ©MidwestFantasy 04/13/2018