The Lost Rhythm & a Young Aged Author


Somewhere I had read, might have listened, a musician never retired; he just leaves the stage to find the rhythm again.

This cafe when started, I was the most excited one being part of it. And I’m still.

For last few months, I’m struggling with this continuous interim writer block followed by writer cramp and then again into the block. This doesn’t though haven’t stopped me writing, but, they were turning to some sort of same things spoken in a loop. As Meenakshidi from Wings of Poetry pointed death had become an integral part of my almost every poem; Gina points out the loneliness coming back and getting weave into poems.

Then I found out, rather noticed, my poems started getting fewer readers. Like I can recollect one of my poem back in October got only 1 Like in 12 hours and stats shows there were near to 12 readers of that poem at the time. Then slowly the number shows a sharp decline and I found out that my poems are not getting much Like. Now, I’m using Like as scale ’cause it’s to me is the number of readers read or like or both, and in this context, I will like to say I don’t write for garnering Likes. Many of my readers I found are not coming and reading my poems; few who used to comment on my whatever I write just Like and leave or sometimes never do that, though, they have posted one that day.

So all these factors–block, decreasing and all let me realize I shall leave the stage for a few time. I thus stopped reading other posts and most of the time give them amiss. I know that has affected a lot my blog, but, I was, and still, not in the mood to read them almost every time. And I also stopped writing, posted one or nothing in a week or two.

I read all of your mails and I want to reply them, but, next moment I find myself in loss of words. I couldn’t get what shall I said. This might happen because I cannot contribute much to this cafe and a guilt that arise from this. I know some of you may console me on this, especially Gina, but, believe me, I feel very much guilt for not replying to the mail or not contributing as I’ve promised.

This one you can consider as an apology as well as a promise that when I’ll find my rhythm again I’ll come and sit here. For the time being, I’m taking a leave. And thanks for keeping me on the hook. Hope to see you soon.



Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 10. Physical Health vs Mental Health-Vandana

Today I introduce you to Vandana…one of my oldest blogger friends…

Thoughts of Words

Today I’m presenting you all Vandana. She is also one of my oldest followers, dated back when I was at near to 200 followers. Her writings reflect her attitude towards life. She shares motivation articles besides writing poems and all at her blog My Feelings My Freedom. This writing I’m going to share is a thing that many speak on, write on. But, the uniqueness in her writing on this topic somehow attract me because the way it was written in the most simple yet intriguing way. So, please welcome Vandana.

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Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 9. Reaching Home to Self: Part 1: And the Story Begins…

A bit of late post…First, thank you to all for warm appreciation from all on the Saturday Post…Secondly, this week post is from the lady who has aways pushed to write more and always criticizing my writings for my betterment…enjoy the post…

Thoughts of Words

Today I’m presenting my Di, Meenakshi Sethi. Many of you know her. She is a prolific poetess. Her poem always leaves many of us in the brown-thought. Her site Wings of Poetry is in many of our must-visit blog daily. Now, she’s writing her life i.e. autobiography. For this, she has created another site name Reaching Home to Self with tagline Life in a Nutshell. Her journey, her life. And today I’m presenting the first part of the story to encourage her to enchant us more by her words. 

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Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 8. Man’s Effort in Relationship–Kshitija

This week welcome Kshitija with a different type of post…

Thoughts of Words

Today’s post is a different one. We talk about women empowerment, we talk of the role a woman plays in a relationship and so on. But, we never talk of man or boy or guy. Being a boy myself I also never talk of this. And this point catch my eyes and make the post an interesting and shareable one. Written by a girl thinking of the role of a man play in the daily life of a woman. This week guest blogger is a new blogger-friend name Kshitija.

Man’s Effort in Relationship–Kshitija

We always praise a lady/women/girl. Each year we celebrate women’s day, mother’s day, daughter’s day. Either she is working women or a homemaker she is always appreciated by people.

“Oh! It’s not an easy task to handle a kid, husband, in-laws everything”,

“Wow!!  You are really a superwoman, you manage your house, family members and then your work…

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Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 7. Oh My God, Just Look at Her–The Flittering Soul

This week Monday Gu(e)st is Flittering Soul…read and meet another beautiful young lady blogger…

Thoughts of Words

The Monday is here so the blue. Before welcoming the guest to-eve, I want to promote a thing. From this month I’ve partnered with Sheetal Bharadwaj in co-hosting her Fortnight Friday Fables. This fortnight fable we both going to host alternatively. So, this week it is me. Check the rules and my challenge and participate in it if you can.

So, here’s go self-bantering. Now welcome the guest of honor. She writes daily life in the wittiest way most of the times and also stories in the same manner. You’ll laugh (or love) first then will think over her writing. She weaves simple words so beautifully that praise sometimes run short. Like a few days back, in one of her post, she was hungry very much and was out to shopping with her Ma. So, she described the situation like this “… it was 5 pm and I started…

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