Someday Maybe

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The Stories In Between

I made a promise
To an old friend
That I’d be back
This way someday

But a restlessness
Sleeps down
Inside me
Burning questions
In my heart

Where in this world
Can I call
My home
Where in this
Do I belong

I’ve walked a long road
Full of beginnings
When all I wanted
Was an end

Will you still
Remember me
Is there still a place
Inside your heart

If I come back
This way someday
If I come back
To you

Someday Maybe

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Hide & Seek

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The Stories In Between

I can’t remember
How many days it’s been
Lost in these hours
Through deep exhale
The crisp autumn air
Burns cold
With each inhale
There’s so much more
I can’t remember
But I do know
How much I miss
The fallen leaves
Midnight bike rides
The old church
Where I would hide
And smoke
But hiding from what
Was I really hiding
If nobody is seeking
They never noticed
The rocks
In my pocket
At passing trains
Even then
My first impulse
Was to lay down
Across the tracks
To catch a glimpse
If only for a moment
Of what waits
On the other side of this
It’s only a matter of time
Till they come out, come out
From wherever they are
But I’ll be safe
In these spaces between
Where no one
Can find me

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The Doing Being

Leaves fall, but do they fall in love?
I’d like to think so
They look like they have so much fun
Dancing and flirting atop the trees
Gently brushing each other
In the breeze
The leaves don’t control destiny
Any more than you or I
But they laugh and love
Unafraid to live their lives
Unafraid to go out on a limb
Unafraid to fall
Unafraid to die

© Rylan Skelly, October 2018

About the Author: I have a B.A. in Honours Religious Studies from the University of Waterloo; I have a love for all major world religions – Eastern, Western, or in between; I’m genderqueer, and I’m comfortable with male, neutral, and female pronouns; I’m married to my dear wife Lynn, who is the love of my life, my best friend, and my muse; I think far too much, and often have too many ideas to…

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The Thirst Remains

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Penny Wilson Writes

The need in me

to spew forth my thoughts

is undeniable

My fingers are drawn

to the keyboard

searching for that release

I’m the junkie


for his next fix

I’m the drunkard

looking for his next drink

I’m the lover

yearning for the touch

of your skin

I long

to watch the letters

flow across the screen

as I chase

the cursor

The cursor is


me today

My thoughts will not

emerge upon the page


the thirst will


Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

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it was Friday. she made a list for him. lists are not her thing

I have missed this amazing woman’s writing.

say no to clowns

wednesday – part one

he called her thursday – part two

one sweet potato and
one eggplant, listed after the fact
of purchase
one notepad
one pencil
one cup of Russian Caravan tea
one wind chime, dulcet tenor
one sugar craving
one lizard
is that a sack of potatoes?
stop thinking about chocolate
one ‘learning French’ app not accessible
one ladder, with a hammer, on top
one vignette of a tree behind a tree behind a tree
one speech balloon wafting from a person passing
intercepted by thought balloon puffed up by farce-ing
distant echoes of congratulatory applause, not imaginary
one pale butterfly, resolutely flying, accidentally beautifying

one letter discovered on the next page, never sent, of something half forgotten
one match lit


Quite a while ago, this amazing writer: Fitfulfearfulphantasmal
did an awesome post, which was a story in list form.  She challenged me to try…

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when you search for me among the stars that fall don’t be disappointed that i was never there at all i was always the dust you shook off i was the air that you ignored i was the forgotten ray of sunshine before you left for the last time   in the sadness that contains … Continue reading maybe


It's National Novel Writing Month! How's your writing going? Here's a poem to inspire and keep the fires burning if you are writing a novel, a poetry chapbook or even a daily journal. Just keep on writing! It is necessary! a quiet wandering of a silent soul a quill against the earth’s hollow quintessentially beautiful … Continue reading Quintessential