The uninterrupted flow of the Thought River, unguarded and uncontrolled, throws me again in unfamiliar terrains, to weave strange webs in the mind.   Is this fantasy? A life lived aeons ago? repeated to connect past with present and rehash, recycle to recreate the future. The time machine rolls on.   Why not move with … Continue reading TIME


This week, take a peek into Hindy mythology, while I connect it to feminism. Human beings turning into stone? Well, folklore says that Ahalya, a beautiful woman did, aeons ago. She was the wife of a sage, Gautam Rishi. God Indra was captivated by her beauty, and went to meet her in the disguise of … Continue reading Ahalya


The imprints that people leave on hearts and minds are indelible unpleasant sounds reverberate for ages. How do I convert hatred to indifference? What you said to me decades ago…….. that condescending look unbridled arrogance sharpness of tone acts to make me look insignificant are indelible. subsequent attempts at detestable diplomacy feigned friendliness disguised disgust … Continue reading IMPRINTS