What Will Remain

In these times of uncertainty and pain I often ponder what of this will remain When we emerge from our sheltered abodesAnd begin to live a ‘normal’ life once moreWill we have learned anything of value From this heart-wrenching deathly lesson And be kinder, gentler, treading lighter upon Mother earth Determined to leave no lasting marks where we wereBut what … Continue reading What Will Remain

Last Words

As I write my last words today- April’s fragrant zephyr kisses my faceThis beautiful unique day will not be Wasted on morbid news of this diseaseBut rather I’ll dream-Of simple things like a sultry caressing breezeAnd birds singing their love songs from on high in treesBecause spring is for mating and a time of nestingI’ll watch the … Continue reading Last Words

Fait Accompli

Albert Joseph Pénot – La Femme Chauve-Souris Caught in an eternal moonrise as deja blue overcomes deep in the hastening twilight, I seek your luscious lip’s song floating in the lagoon reflection of a midnight sonata sky.Here in my tormented dreams is where I find you and your eyeswhile sacrificial blood courses through my hot pulsing veins.My hunger yearns to kiss your … Continue reading Fait Accompli

THROWBACK FRIDAY – Linda Lee Lyberg – To Be a Dandelion

“I have been thinking about living like the lilies that blow in the fields.”-  Lilies, by Mary Oliver I have been thinking I’d like to be a dandelion that has no homeroaming free on the sultry breeze until I find some fertile loam And when I land in a soft emerald pasture, I’ll take root and stay spending … Continue reading THROWBACK FRIDAY – Linda Lee Lyberg – To Be a Dandelion