Megha is Soaring

Good Morning all Go Do Go Cafe Readers and Followers- Once again, Megha is our superstar, and she is soaring! The following periodicals have featured Megha’s writings in the month of July. List of Published pieces in the month of July   Little Rose Magazine (1) The Quiet letter (3)   Vita Brevis(1) reading Megha is Soaring

Tangled Up In You

Linda’s pick for Pay It Forward Thursday! I have been reading Walt’s lovely writings for quite some time. Enjoy!

Walt's Writings

All these years

All we’ve been through

All we’ve shared

All that we have lost

Here I am

Still tangled up in you

You’re my warmth

On a Tennessee winter night

You’re my truth

When everything else is a lie

You’re my world

And here I am

Still tangled up in you

You’re my beacon of hope

In a world filled with hate

You’re the inspiration

For poems I create

You’re my angel with pills

That take away my pain

I can’t help it

I’m still tangled up in you

Without your precious love

I’d be alone again

So after all our years together

It’s pretty plain to see

That here I am today

Still tangled up in you

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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