My pick for this week! Such lovely flowing words…Linda

House of Heart

Your eyes are Himalayan  blue,

they mutate from sparkling stars to the silver

of a cold planet.

With indifference you defeat me

until I am nothing more than an empty

vessel sailed  away to write love letters

on the wings  of  distant angels.

When your  nights are long

you may find me in the brush of a

homeless Chartreux winding about your

feet or in the sunflower eyes  of a girl

passing by.

Vincent Van Gogh

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Flying High!

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Under the Plum Tree – A Poem by Linda Lee Lyberg

Good Morning Everyone- I am thrilled to announce that my poem- ‘Under The Plum Tree’ has been published today at Vita Brevis.
Happy Reading! Linda

Vita Brevis

Capture.PNGSubmitted by Linda Lee Lyberg

When you see white clover sprawling in the meadow
do you still think of me even though our love
once treasured, is now with regret over?

As for me I can tell you, the plum is blooming now
I remember the promises we made
underneath its burgeoning boughs
And I will wonder ever after
if you remember too.

The yellow roses came today and I read the message within
Can we please forgive and forget all we said back then
I beg you my love can we renew our cherished love again?

And so today, I measured and took stock of all we shared
with my heart still longing, and my lonesome soul laid bare
I sent to you the dried red rose you first gave to me
with this simple note, let’s meet tonight
when the moon is bright under the plum tree.


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