Do You

Do you know my voice as it calls to you deep in the blue-black night? I've searched so long but you, ever elusive as shadows dancing on a sunny day, out of reach, out of sight.   Do you know my eyes when you look at them across the universe of space, of time and … Continue reading Do You


I am the restless ocean, you a tempest storm churning our waters into a whirlwind of wants plunging us into murky depths of desire where we linger, and soon surrender to that which our fates have conspired. The ocean, the storm, water with no form, when you taste salty sweat on glistening skin as we … Continue reading Salt


She stains his blue heart with hers pouring forth in brilliant colors Kaleidoscoping her body's life into him until her rainbowed love unleashes the colors of his true soul, with her magical elixir he releases in shades of green and gold.  ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


I see you, standing there with your passionate eyes feasting on my supple body a steady throbbing deep inside do you want this maiden fair? Do you like what you see when you look through me with such wild intensity?   You take me in your arms with your wily charms melting my brash defiance … Continue reading See


Wait for the dark my darling when we have the somber night enshrouding our wicked sins. Wait to enter my bed inviting yet mysterious blackest of satin surrounding this pale nude body drenched in moonlight. Wait for the fateful moment when my heart and soul surrenders and welcomes you within. Wait until I cry out … Continue reading Wait