The Go Dog Go Café  is a concept that originally took shape after Poet Girl Em wrote a series of poems  while sitting in a coffee shop, describing her experiences of watching a fellow patron. This in turn prompted S Francis at SailorPoet to write a response poem from the perspective of this patron as he noticed himself being watched and the notion continued to percolate.  S Francis has written that he thinks of coffee shops as “places that people go to be social with friends, to meetup with like-minded creative types, or a place shy or introverted people gather in hopes of overcoming their mortal fears” and finally speak to some interesting stranger across the room. In this same way, Word Press can feel like a café filled with these shy or introverted people sharing the thoughts in their heads in hopes of connecting.

Why the Go Dog Go Treetop Café? Do you remember the children’s classic book, Go Dog Go? It ends with a dog party in a giant umbrella tree filled with dogs of all colors, shapes, sizes, and of course wearing a great variety of hats. This developed out of a conversation between Christine and S Francis that also inspired her poem, “2nd Star to the Right, Straight on til Morning.” The Go Dog Go Treetop Café sums up the spirit of tree-climbing with the importance of inclusion.

The values of support, inclusiveness, and living as our true selves have captured the imagination of a loose group of WP friends and sometimes collaborators and inspired them to create a virtual Cafe on WordPress to serve as a place where all writers are welcome, collaboration is encouraged and you can pull up a chair  and enjoy what is on the menu today.

Your Baristas,

S. Francis (fullbeardlit.org)

Amanda (Mandibelle16)

Christine (Brave and Reckless)

Chuck (The Reluctant Poet)

Davy (Inside the Mind of Davy D)

Gina (Singledust)

Sangbad (Thoughts of Words) and

Vanessa (Say No to Clowns)