Throwback Friday, Please! Let The World Stay Green (a Haiku), by Ivor Steven

A poem from St Patrick’s Day last year (2022), and here I am again today. Maybe another poem/haiku tomorrow … it’ll be a shortish piece … I’ll be extra tired … ☘

Please, Let The World Stay Green

Afternoon / evening

St Patrick’s Day at Murphy’s

Irish songs and cheers

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Ivor Steven (c) March 2022

18 thoughts on “Throwback Friday, Please! Let The World Stay Green (a Haiku), by Ivor Steven

  1. Um …… isn’t there one too many syllables in the first line?
    That’s what Guinness will do to you, I suppose, and, actually, the more I think about it, the more Irish it makes it.
    To be sure, to be sure (6 syllables)

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    • I’m just back from Murphy’s pub … and few tasty guinness’s … checking my syllable counter, the silly computer says “5” syllables .. Pub Irish music tonight ..


      • I’d have to dispute the counter, by the way. I would argue that the correct pronunciation is eve-en-ing, not eve-ning, just as mystery is 3 syllables.
        Contrary to popular belief though, the Japanese are not all that obsessed with the syllable count and, anyway, the nature of a ‘syllable’ in Japanese is very different than in English.

        There are far more important aspects to a haiku and, to be honest, I think it’s something we might best respectfully leave to the Japanese.
        That said, I have to confess to having created some terrible haiku imitations myself …..

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      • Yes … they have very drifted away from the traditional Haiku format … but basically the 3 line conciseness is the main aim of the poetry presentation …


      • Hmmm …. perhaps. But I think it technically impossible to write a haiku in English (or, I would think, any other language other than Japanese), so I really think it would be more respectful for us to desist from using the name. We, in the west, have a terrible record of taking eastern culture and philosophy and mashing it up into our own version.
        On the other hand, original haiku translated into English can be quite beautiful, and do not, of course, appear to conform to the format ‘rules’ ….. including the number of lines.

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